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Fall Guys Just Got Its First-Ever Pro Team

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to be a hugely entertaining game for audiences, and now it has taken the next step in its path to global domination. Panda Global has made video game history by announcing the world's very first professional Fall Guys team.


Panda Global first broke the news on Twitter, writing, "It's happening. Introducing the world's first ever professional @FallGuysGame esports team ... Please welcome our Fall Pandas to the team!" The announcement was accompanied by a short video clip showing each member of the team in action, playing a friendly round of Fall Guys and cheering one another on.

The team will consist of esports players Coney, Jaaash, Marss, and FullStream. According to Panda Global's official announcement (via Dot Esports), each one of these players brings something special to the table. However, there are a few reasons why this announcement may be turning some heads right now.

It's unclear how a team dynamic could actually translate to victories in Fall Guys. Presumably, even a well-oiled team would have to decide which member would take home the victory. It's presumed that Coney would be the designated winner, considering he's described as "The Captain" of the team. 


That leads to what might be the weirdest thing about the team announcement. Each member of the team has been given a designated role that doesn't necessarily seem like it correlates with the game. For instance, Jaaash is referred to as "The Support," which doesn't really make much sense in the world of Fall Guys, which is quite literally a last man standing kind of scenario. Meanwhile, Marss is called "The Wild Card," with no real justification of his spot on the team. Marss is notably a professional Super Smash Bros. player, but it's not clear exactly how those skills will translate to success in the Fall Guys arena. FullStream is referred to as 'The Specialist," and the announcement explains that he's there to look at the bigger picture in every round. Again, how that can be applied to Fall Guys is unclear. 

The final member of the team is a curious one. The announcement lists Wolfey, but mentions that he has already been cut from the team. It's such a puzzling inclusion on the roster and almost makes the whole thing seem like a bit of a joke. Apparently, anyone who loses during a "Jump Club" round will be immediately dropped from the team, which seems a bit silly. Then again, it takes a specific sense of humor to enjoy Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, so maybe that's exactly the irreverent tone that this announcement is looking to embrace. In this way, the announcement itself is as goofy as the idea of a pro Fall Guys team.


And honestly, the formation of this new team might show that Fall Guys has made it more than anything else. The game launched at the beginning of August and has already captured the imagination of gamers with its mix of bright graphics, goofy gameplay, and challenging controls. It quickly gained steam as the most-downloaded game in PlayStation Plus history. Fall Guys also attracted the attention of streamers like TimTheTatman, who has been in a hilarious feud with the Fall Guys Twitter account, and Dr Disrespect, who has streamed the game with both PewDiePie and Sc0ut.

However, there had been some concerns in recent weeks that the game didn't have the staying power to last as long as some of the other battle royale games out there. In a recent stream, Shroud expressed his belief that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout would "die realquick" if the game didn't add new maps and content in the very near future. Luckily, the game is doing just that.

During the Gamescom Opening Night livestream, Devolver Digital and Mediatonic announced a ton of content coming to Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The new content includes wacky obstacle courses and a new medieval theme for the season. Some of the maps that players got to see a sneak peek of incorporated castle-like designs, and the new character costumes included such fantasy mainstays as knights, wizards, and dragons. It's not quite the Fortnite crossover that some fans have been clamoring for, but it looks impressive all the same. 


With the competitive world starting to fully embrace Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, there's hope yet for folks who are hoping the game will come to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms. Hopefully that will happen in the near future, because it would certainly broaden the audience for the game's fledgling competitive scene.