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This Call Of Duty: Warzone Secret Could Be A Game Changer

After making their way into a secured red key card bunker, Redditor Hefy123 and their squad found a new Call of Duty: Warzone secret that could be a game-changer — for players who haven't already tried it. Hefy123 recorded finding their first official bomb drone, legitimizing a technique that crafty squads have already been taking advantage of for some time.


The bomb drone isn't anything more than it sounds like — a drone that controls just like the recon drone killstreak item, except with a piece of C4 attached to it. The video shows a HUD with a fuel gauge and a notification for when the C4 is armed. Players simply fly the drone toward their target and, assuming it is within range and doesn't take too much damage on the way, detonate the C4 when it arrives.

However, dedicated Call of Duty: Warzone players might recognize that squads have already been deploying their own makeshift bomb drones by combining two common items in the game: C4 and recon drones. All it takes is a little coordination for one squadmate to deploy a recon drone and the other to slap a piece of C4 on the side. While timing the detonation takes maybe a little more advanced communication, the results can be beautiful, deadly, and even hilarious.


The makeshift recon drone/C4 combination even got a seal of approval from Infinity Ward itself when art director Joel Emslie, going by Artpeasant on Reddit, called one particularly amusing incident a "beautiful squad wipe." In that clip, a recon drone with C4 attached chases down a team in a vehicle, connecting for a squad elimination to the swelling music of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

While many players are excited to see this long-running Warzone gambit go legit, others on the Reddit post are worried that its overuse could be detrimental to the game. Despite their poor health, recon drones are notoriously difficult to shoot down, and the footage doesn't make the bomb drone look any slower or less maneuverable.

However, if the bomb drone remains hidden in bunkers, its rarity might be much higher than a standard recon drone. If that is the case, teams that find it would be likely to hold onto it as an easy-to-use tool to extract dug-in campers.

Either way, bomb drones are an exciting new tool with the potential to shift the dynamic of Warzone once again. With the integration with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War coming up and the possibility of a new map joining Verdansk, it looks like the Warzone experience is far from over.