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PS5 Cream Cheese Edition Revealed

The launch of the PS5 has been rough for gamers, with many diehard Sony fans missing out on snagging the next-gen console during its initial release. This turn of events has left plenty of gamers, frustrated, tired — and perhaps even hungry. If this sounds like you, then Philadelphia Cream Cheese has some great (and odd) news for you. The company will soon be releasing the Philly Series 5, a cheesecake that looks almost exactly like a PlayStation 5 console.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is currently taking preorders for kits that include everything you need to make the Philly Series 5 for yourself. The all-new and extremely meme-able dessert was announced in a humorous video from Philadelphia Cream Cheese, which showed excited gamers receiving a Philly Series 5 kit on Christmas morning. According to the description on the video, the Philly Series 5 kit will retail for $4.99.

In a press release from Philadelphia Cream Cheese (via TheGamer), Director of Marketing Basak Oguz said, "Nothing in the world moves faster than the technology curve, and we always strive to be at the forefront – both in our product and in the ways consumers experience the simple pleasure of Philadelphia. The Philly Series 5 is our way of moving at the speed of innovation, and bringing consumers the most delicious gift of the holiday season."

Back when the PlayStation 5's design was first revealed at Sony's Future of Gaming event, there were certainly more than a few mixed reactions. Some people were excited to see Sony trying something new with console design, while others were put off by the system's sheer size (and believe it or not, the PS5 was almost bigger). Some folks, including Twitch streamer Shroud, jokingly compared the PS5's design to a router. A whole third-party company was started with the express purpose of providing different custom PS5 designs. In other words, the release of the Philly Series 5 might be the first time that someone consciously embraced the PS5's divisive design for a clever marketing ploy.

If this cheesecake doesn't do the trick of filling that PS5-shaped hole in your heart (and stomach), then there are other fan-made options for you. Indie developer Alex Grade recently released PS5 Simulator, a VR game that recreates all of the excitement of unboxing and hooking up your own PS5, complete with impossible cable management.

The Philly Series 5 can be ordered here while supplies last. On the official product page, Philadelphia Cream Cheese makes sure to mention that this product is not directly affiliated with any video game manufacturers. However, the company also notes, "[I]t does taste way better that a video game console ever could."