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Underrated Warzone Items You Should Be Using More

As the newest of the major battle royale games, Call of Duty: Warzone has had an impressive first year. The recent release of Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War has brought some of the most significant changes to the game since its launch in May 2020, with a new franchise-wide progression system, a potential new map, and some new items.


One of those new items is the C4 drone, which lets players guide a remote-controlled vehicle into an enemy squad and detonate it with deadly results. However, when the C4 drone first became official, fans quickly pointed out that it was merely legitimizing an underused tactic with the game's pre-existing recon drone: strapping C4 to it.

As it turns out, many of the items in Warzone have a more useful purpose than they might appear to at first. Here are some of the underrated Warzone items that players should be using more, and how to maximize their efficiency.

Use the Spotter Scope to mark enemies without giving away your position

Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk map is a sniper's paradise. Massive sightlines extend across the map, and while the extreme distances mean it takes real skill to land shots, the ability to down enemies from hundreds of meters away is both useful and incredibly satisfying.


The nature of that open landscape can be both a blessing and a curse. While you scan for targets through a sniper rifle, your scope sends off an easily recognized glint that will give away your position as soon as you find a target. The Spotter Scope was a Season 4 addition that gives you the ability to survey enemy positions without this risk, as it is the only long-range vision tool in the game that emits no glint.

The Spotter Scope not only gives you an excellent personal tool for spotting enemies, but it also serves as a detection tool for the whole team. Once you have found an enemy, leave them in the scope for a few more seconds to mark the target for the entire squad. The scope also includes a thermal mode to help you track down enemies who are well camouflage.


Use the Trophy System to make your vehicles seem invulnerable

When Call of Duty: Warzone first became available, it became clear that vehicles would take on a whole new role of importance. Not only as a means for squad traversal across the massive Verdnsk map but also as a way to start mowing down enemies. Even the relatively normal trucks have proven to be more like overpowered tanks, and dedicated players have turned them into weapons of mass destruction.


At least, until players wised up and started to carry C4 and RPGs to take those vehicles down. By the time the game was picking up steam, staying in a car too long became a liability. However, one underused item makes vehicles just as deadly as they once were — the Trophy System.

The Trophy system is a deployable item that will take out three projectiles before it exhausts, saving your vehicle from critical damage. If you want to return to an era of vehicular homicide, consider also planting a Claymore on the front of your vehicle. This will make your ATV or truck the equivalent of a ground-based missile and let you escape from dangerous encounters unharmed.

Return from the dead with a Self-Revive Kit

It's not a surprise that more people don't jump on the self-revive kit. They are "one of the more expensive loot items" at the Call of Duty: Warzone buy station and it costs more than more impactful tools in the game, such as UAVs and the Precision Airstrikes. Besides, your teammates can revive you infinitely for free, so it's tempting to keep that cash for a loadout drop or a squad buyback.


However, there are situations where the Self-Revive Kit becomes a near necessity. If you play solos at all, consider making this one of your first purchases. While the gulag is an excellent second chance, solos in Warzone can be a chaotic and dangerous place. One minute, your minding your own business, the next, a sniper has you in their sights. The Self-Revive Kit gives you a chance to respond to the unexpected.

That's not to say it doesn't have its place in a squad. The moments after a multi-squad engagement are confusing, and when the last person gets downed but the team isn't eliminated, the enemy team has no way of knowing who has the Self-Revive Kit and could come back to life, fully armed.


Deployable Cover creates defensible positions out of indefensible places

Deployable Cover certainly isn't the most exciting field item pick up in Call of Duty: Warzone, but it can give you control over your environment like few other tools in the game. The item works just as it sounds, creating an impenetrable barrier that is only vulnerable to explosives or melee attacks that last a full ten minutes, a lifetime in a Warzone match.


While a lot of success in Warzone depends on momentum, there are certain situations where you need to make your location as secure as possible. Deployable Cover can fortify a room or block off doors to funnel opponents through specific entry points. They can even be used in the open and are a great tool if the final circle leaves you on the side of a cliff with nothing but empty air in between you and your enemies.

There are also some creative uses that players have found for Deployable Cover. The item is vulnerable to vehicles, but players have found that any vehicle that hits one stops dead in its tracks. While the impact doesn't do much damage, it does make the truck and driver vulnerable to C4 and small arms fire.