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Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 1: The Best Landing Spots On Rebirth Island

Call of Duty: Warzone has officially entered the first season of its second year and brought along with it a long list of new changes to the battle royale game. The entire lineup of recent Call of Duty games is officially integrated, meaning that progression and weapon loadouts are now uniform across Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War.


One of the first changes that Warzone veterans will notice is that all of Black Ops – Cold War's weapons are now available. This means that there are 29 new choices for your favorite Warzone loadouts, adding a ton of variety to the game. Also, Verdansk has a new Gulag, ditching the empty shower setup for a reimagined, indoor version of the classic Nuketown.

The new update's essential addition is the first new map for Warzone, Rebirth Island. While not necessarily a replacement for Verdansk, this 40-player island is perfect for some intense quads and trios firefights. With 32 points of interest on the official Call of Duty Rebirth Island atlas, finding the right spot to drop becomes even more critical. Here are the best landing spots on Rebirth Island.


Dive into the fray with high-loot Warzone landing locations

Considering Rebirth Island's reduced acreage, finding yourself in the middle of an intense firefight is likely to happen sooner rather than later. This means that players have two options: dive into high-tier loot areas and hope to come out on top or skirt conflict while other squads grind each other down.


If you prefer to jump straight in, it's hard to avoid the Prison Block, site 12 on the Rebirth Island atlas. This central location offers some of the closest experiences that Rebirth Island has to the Stadium or the Superstore in Verdansk. Teams that conquer the Prison Block will have not only a substantial collection of loot and cash but a commanding view of the island as well.

Another hot spot is the Security Area, sites 30-32 on the atlas, on the island's southwest corner. While the loot isn't quite as extensive as the Prison Block, there are high-value items such as a helicopter, multiple vehicle spawn locations, and a buy station waiting for your squad. Coming out on top will probably require a reposition later in the match, but it should give you an edge throughout the game.


Take your time at Rebirth Island's lower-tier drop locations

If you prefer a less frantic start to your match, Rebirth Island has some reliable places that you can start away from the Prison Block melee.

If your focus is on securing your loadout, the Chemical Engineering facility, sites 4 and 5 on the Rebirth Island atlas, at the northeast end of the island is a great spot to start from. At the center of this area is a four-story building with lots of opportunities to gear up. Also, there are three buy stations near this landing location, which means that there are a few angles to grab a loadout to push into the midgame.


There are also some good choices if you want access to the Prison Block's chaos but don't necessarily want to land inside it. Headquarters, sites 19-21, is a solid spot, located just outside of the Prison Block itself, and the Command Center is a great place to track down loot. The Surveillance Tower, site 19, offers sight lines across Rebirth Island's center and southern end. If you can track down a sniper rifle and take up positions here early on, you'll get a quick advantage.