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Control Developer Teases Mysterious New Project

Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind critical darling Control, looks to be hard at work on its next major project. Sam Lake, creative director of the studio and a principal writer of Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Control, shared a picture of himself and a draft of the script for Remedy's next big game.

Lake posted a selfie to his Twitter account holding a stack of papers, captioned "Here's the story for the next big Remedy game. Well, one draft of it at least." While the post alone offers little information as to what fans can expect from the upcoming title from the respected studio, it does slot in with industry rumors that have circulated throughout 2020 that Remedy has a secret project in the works.

To better understand what Lake's reveal on social media means and when to expect the next major Remedy Entertainment title, gamers can take a look at the aspects of the studio's schedule that have been confirmed. Following the release of Control in 2019, the studio has been steadily working on the post-release content roadmap DLC. While most of the roadmap has been fulfilled, the devs are still working on producing the Ultimate Edition, which will bring the game to next-generation consoles in February 2021.

Remedy has also been working on a single-player experience for CrossfireX, the next iteration of the massively popular South Korean competitive shooter. That project was slated to be released alongside the Series X launch, but COVID-19 delays have pushed the project to 2021, with the exact release date still unknown.

That leaves two projects expected from Remedy that Lake's script might be for. The first of these could be Vanguard, a "new, groundbreaking video game as a service experience that is worthy of carrying the Remedy Entertainment name." While those are about all the details Remedy has released, the team has been actively hiring for roles on the project.

The other possibility is a new game in the Remedy Connected Universe, which was confirmed in the latest Control AWE Expansion. In that DLC, main character Jesse Faden investigates a town related to Bright Falls, the setting for Alan Wake. Lake announced that Remedy was working on a new game set in that universe in an August blog post. However, there has been no indication as to whether that game might be a sequel, such as Alan Wake 2, or a story revolving around a new protagonist in the Remedy Connected Universe. Either way, with Remedy's full schedule you're unlikely to see this new game before 2022.