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The Warzone Weapon FaZe Swagg Says Is Better Than The DMR 14

The revamped Call of Duty: Warzone experience is in full swing, integrating the base Modern Warfare set up with a new map, new progression mechanics, and 29 new weapons from Black Ops: Cold War. The massive influx of firepower has shifted the meta quite a bit, and while the DMR 14 has become an early favorite, Call of Duty streamer FaZe Swagg said the Type 63 is actually the deadlier choice.

The DMR 14 jumped to the head of the Warzone meta when streamers such as Symfuhny started sharing loadouts that could bring down fully armored opponents with just three hits. The DMR 14 is in the tactical rifle category of Black Ops: Cold War, meaning that it fires in a single-shot mode or a three round burst. As a result, a well-placed burst from the DMR 14 can mean a one-click kill. However, it also means that Call of Duty's hacker problem has gotten even worse.

News of the weapon's effectiveness spread rapidly, leading to accusations of the gun being overpowered, overused, and making Warzone unplayable. FaZe Swagg even started his video off with a Tik Tok of a player enthusiastically expressing his dissatisfaction over another death at the hands of a DMR 14 wielding opponent.

While gamers can likely trust Infinity Ward and Activision to resolve the overpowered DMR 14 with a nerf, in the meantime, FaZe Swagg showed how the Type 63 can level the playing field. Like the DMR 14, Type 63 is an early Black Ops: Cold War unlock, meaning that many players have overlooked it while they chase down higher-tiered weapons such as the AUG.

FaZe Swagg's Type 63 loadout added the Spetsnaz Ergonomic Grip and 16.4" Rapid Fire barrel while keeping the tactical rifle in single-shot mode, allowing players to take multiple shots with a high level of precision. The 38 Rnd Speed Mag means that players can keep taking those shots as quickly as they can pull the trigger, and the GRU Silencer helps them stay undetected if enemy squadmates are nearby. Finally, the Axial Arms 3x helps sight medium range opponents and make the Type 63 competitive in fights with the now ubiquitous DMR 14.

The results are pretty impressive. FaZe Swagg quickly wiped out enemy squads and landed headshots while firing at almost full speed. Though the community is deadlocked on whether the DMR 14 or Type 63 is ultimately more powerful, FaZe Swagg's video shows that the Type 63 can hold its own against Warzone's current favorite.