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Here's Why Fortnite Is Still Worth Playing In 2021

New year, new games? Not so fast. While 2021 is sure to bring with it fantastic new titles, make sure you don't forget about old favorites like Fortnite!

Then again, Fortnite today is much different than it was four years ago, so much so that players may feel like they're diving into it for the first time, especially if they haven't played for awhile. Since its 2017 launch, Fortnite has been a massive hit with millions of daily users and noteworthy revenue. On top of that, it holds the record for most concurrent players, with an impressive 15.3 million people joining an in-game event in late 2020. Even with all of these impressive accolades and a clear growth trajectory, some fans of the game believe the game is dying.


But first, how does Fortnite keep seasoned gamers satisfied, and new gamers coming in? There's quite a bit that goes into it. Read on to find out.

Updates and upgrades

Think Fortnite isn't what it was four years ago? You're right; it's gone through a myriad of updates, each promising new adventures and the chance for renewed interest in the game.

Chapter 2 – Season 5's Zero Point update brought with it a thrilling time-loop plot, brand-new bounties for players looking to rack up valuable gold bars, and of course, a new map, characters, weapons, and more. Hunters were able to join Agent Jones in a sci-fi adventure that brings new life and energy to the game. These kinds of regular updates are especially appealing for players who liked the original game, but now long for something new. For instance, Star Wars fans got the chance to play as Din Djarin from The Mandalorian.


In its less than four years on the market, Fortnite has established itself as a game that's never static, and always on the cutting edge. Plus, anyone upgrading to Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 can expect faster, smoother gameplay.

Community connections

Fortnite fans are in good company. A-list celebrities like Chance the Rapper, Marshmello, Joe Jonas, and Josh Hart, just to name a few, are all about joining in the joy of a Battle Royale.

The game remains popular on Twitch, and even though it's not topping the most-viewed charts like it did back in 2018, Fortnite is still one of Twitch's top five most-streamed games. Notable streamers like Clix, TheGrefg, and SypherPK are a few of the most popular, all with over 2 million viewer hours clocked in for December 2020.


If you haven't guessed already, the rumors that Fortnite is dying are just that: rumors. While the phrase "is Fornite dying" is a popular Google search, the record-breaking numbers speak for themselves. In true fun-loving Fortnite fashion, the game makers clarified on Twitter that this is surely an "undead game," as evidenced by the Halloween pic and emojis they included.

Cost of entry

Though this may seem obvious, it's easy to overlook the advantages of a game that's 100% free and playable on multiple platforms, including mobile devices. Not only can you save money to pad your wallet for future gaming purchases; it's easy to get friends on board to play whether they're seasoned gamers or just getting started.


The Fortnite fad may feel like a thing of the past, but remember, the game has broken new records within just the past year, and it's clear the developers intend to keep it fresh and fun so players are incentivized to stay in the community. Whether you're drawn to the game because you love shooters, sci-fi, competition, or adventure — you name it, and there's a place for you in the world of Fortnite.

There's nothing to lose, so if you'd like to be part of a star-studded community of gamers of all levels, one that's ever-changing and easy to jump into, Fortnite is still worth playing in 2021.