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This Is The Best LC10 SMG Loadout For Call Of Duty: Warzone

Season Two of Black Ops – Cold War and Warzone brought several new weapons to the party, including a new submachine gun, the LC10. While the super fast Mac-10 and the deadly MP-5 have been popular choices, the LC10 could potentially come out on top as a fan favorite. 


The LC10 stood out because of its low recoil rate compared to other SMGs — with the downside being lower damage. However, it may be worth the trade-off for many players, especially those who struggle with adjusting their aim after recoil kicks in. 

The game also has attachments that can help with damage output, so it's not a major sacrifice once you've unlocked all the attachments. With the right loadout, you'll be able to quickly destroy enemy armor plates and secure kills with little to no recoil — and at a fairly decent range. Give it a try; you might like the LC10 better than Dr Disrespect liked the Warzone update.

Attachments for low recoil

Although the LC10 is known for its low recoil, there's still some knockback that players will have to get used to. However, there are some great attachments available for players who are trying to shoot as smoothly as possible. 


The Field Agent Grip underbarrel attachment can help you start one-tapping people in the head by lowering the recoil. NickMercs, a Call of Duty pro, uses a Wire stock and Flashguard muzzle to really slow down both the vertical and horizontal recoil. Combining the three together proves to be pretty powerful, and the other attachments you'll want to consider is for the barrel and ammunition. 

You'll want to opt for barrels that will help your damage range. With low recoil, you'll be able to have a great time sitting back and smoking noobs from a distance with barrels like the 13.9" Task Force or the 13.2" Rifled. As pointed out by Dexerto, the benefit of using the 13.9" Task Force is better bullet velocity and an even greater damage range, both of which will help you with the LC10 specifically. Another option is to go with a 12.5" Extended barrel, which is NickMercs' go-to.


The speediest loadout

If you're pretty good at controlling recoil, then you have some more freedom when you're working with an LC10. One goal for the LC10 loadout is to be able to react as quickly as possible while you're running around Verdansk and Rebirth Island.


According to a loadout suggested by Dexerto, the first step is the muzzle attachment, which should be the Agency Suppressor to help your shots stay as concealed as possible. Next up is the 13.9" Task Force barrel attachment, which will help extend the gun's range while also increasing your strafe speed and bullet velocity. While you can get high damage range and bullet velocity from other barrels, the key here is the strafe speed. For the stock attachment, the Raider Stock is best, simply for the speed it gives you when running and gunning. Use the STANAG 55 Rnd for the ammunition attachment so you don't have to reload multiple times, back to back.

For the last attachment, you can go with one of the previously mentioned recoil-controlling options.