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Here's What You Should Know About Corpse Husband's Music Career

Corpse has already established himself as a talented Among Us streamer and internet personality, but he's also an accomplished musician, and has released a variety of singles. Corpse's debut single "MISS YOU!" made it to 31 on Billboard's Hot Rock and Alternative Songs list when it released in 2020, and that was just the beginning. 


Corpse's most recognizable song, "E-Girls are Ruining My Life!," went viral on TikTok, then began creeping up the Billboard charts. The official YouTube video for the song has over 37 million views, and that number's only growing. Corpse Husband even had a billboard in Times Square celebrating his success with "E-Girls are Ruining My Life!"

Funnily enough, Corpse was told he wouldn't get this far. Corpse opened up about his experience in the music industry, saying, "I normally don't care about number goals much, but ["E-Girls are Ruining My Life!"] means a lot to me because of how much I was told it'd do bad, not to do it." Needless to say, Corpse proved his critics wrong and his music enjoys a massive fanbase today.


What's next for Corpse Husband's music career?

When noted YouTuber Anthony Padilla sat down with Corpse Husband in a now-famous interview, Padilla asked Corpse a variety of questions about his life, struggles with anxiety, and yes, his music career. When asked about his future music plans, Corpse discussed his most recent song with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, "Daywalker!" Corpse called the song "raw and aggressive," seemingly very proud of the collaboration.


Corpse didn't offer any hints at what kinds of musical adventures await him in the future, but he did comment that he likes trolling. "I like f***ing with the world. It's fun," Corpse said. Though Corpse deals in memes, he argued that his fans are in on the joke, posting memes right along with him. Fans can continue to expect that sort of playfulness from Corpse in his music career, as was displayed when Valkyrae stood in for Corpse in the music video for "Daywalker!"

Though Corpse Husband has had a difficult life, he's worked to channel that darkness into a successful music career.