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The Sad Truth About Corpse Husband's Family

Fans have been tuning in to listen to Corpse Husband tell creepy tales on YouTube since 2015. From that point on, he has provided his unique brand of entertainment to audiences across the internet. He later became a regular Among Us streamer, playing with many other gamers, such as fellow YouTuber Dream, his close friend Jacksepticeye, and even the famous musical performer Halsey. In addition to his storytelling and gaming, he's also moved into music, with one 2021 release of a collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly and a 2020 release of his own viral hit, "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life."


Corpse Husband has created an alluring image with his uniquely deep voice and refusal to reveal his face. While some may wonder if he puts this voice on to bolster his appeal as an internet star, the truth is that his voice and mysterious nature are all tied to tragic details in his personal life.

What drives someone to be as reclusive and secretive as Corpse Husband? What experiences made him want to keep others at arm's length? Anyone who follows him online might be curious to know what his family life has been like, and whether or not he maintains a relationship with his relatives. This is the sad truth about Corpse Husband's family.

Corpse Husband doesn't know if his family listens to his tales

In a live Q&A session on YouTube from 2017, Corpse spent over two hours answering fan questions. One viewer asked if his family listened to any of his story readings. This user likely wasn't expecting the heavy response that followed.


Corpse shared that he doesn't really have any communication with his family. Because of this, he was unsure whether or not they had listened to his videos. He suspected that they did, but could not offer a definitive answer. He concluded by saying "Hopefully not," suggesting he may have something of a strained relationship with his family.

In a later Q&A session on Instagram, Corpse revealed that he dropped out of school when he was 12 and that he "Came from a f***ed up upbringing," shedding even more light on his estranged family dynamic.

Interestingly enough, he once told viewers that the perfect timing of his success prevented his mother from being homeless, implying that he at least has some sort of connection to her and helps support her in a big way. No matter how difficult his upbringing was, it seems that Corpse Husband is still able to show compassion to some members of his family.