Why Every Among Us Fan Should Be Thanking Pokimane

Tired of playing through the same few Among Us maps? Today's your lucky day. Thanks to a collaboration between streamers Pokimane, 5up, and Hafu, a brand new map is coming to the beloved game that's risen to mega popularity within the last year.


Pokimane made the announcement in a Mar. 11 Trainwreckstv Twitch stream. As she explained to viewers, the new map is meant to actually arrive before the Airship map that fans have been waiting on. "5up and Hafu are making a map, which I'm also helping fund and that's going to come out before the new map," said Pokimane. "So, I don't even know when the new map's going to come out, but there's going to be another map! And it's going to be cooler, it's going to be better, it's going to be awesome. Period."

Right now, Among Us has just three maps, and though The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus offer some variety, seasoned players are ready to mix it up a little and try something new. Because of the game's massive success and player desire for variety, InnerSloth is launching a brand new map sometime in early 2021. The highly-anticipated Airship map will feature brand new tasks, outfits, spawn sites, and more. Whether Pokimane, 5up, and Hafu's new map is actually coming out before or after Innersloth's Airship map is currently unknown. Either way, players should be pretty happy to be able to explore five different areas, instead of the normal three — and soon.


Pokimane had quite the year in 2020, and she's still going strong today. Though Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the top female Twitch streamer of 2020 spot, Pokimane still cracked the top 5, and she was part of the get-out-and-vote Among Us stream that led to the Congresswoman setting Twitch records.

It makes sense that Pokimane is bankrolling the development of a new Among Us map, as it's no secret that she does quite well financially through her streaming. She recently explained to personal finance YouTuber Graham Stephan just how much money she spends to run her operation, and it's not a small amount. In September 2020, she left fellow streamers speechless with generous donations which were meant to help them grow their channels and communities. Given the popularity of Among Us and how much fans want a new map, it's likely she'll gain some new fans and make current ones happy with her investment.