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The Bizarre Couch Situation Corpse Husband Was Forced To Deal With

Between his highly popular Among Us streams and his chart-topping (and billboard-starring) hit songs, Corpse Husband is one of the fastest rising stars in the world of streaming. The mysterious YouTuber has gained quite a reputation for himself, particularly for the fact that he refuses to show his face on camera. His anonymity is tied to some of the more tragic details of his personal life, but that has not prevented him from connecting with his ever-growing fanbase. 


Corpse Husband has admitted that he enjoys trolling his haters, to the point where he once tweeted a recording of himself breathing into a microphone, just to see if it would go viral. A few times, however, Corpse has shared true stories from his real life that are almost too weird to be true — to the point where they sound like another prank.

Take this, for example: during a 2017 Q&A session with fans, one viewer asked Corpse about a situation in which an unnamed party kept throwing couches into the YouTuber's yard. Yes, you read that correctly.

Who was throwing couches in Corpse Husband's yard?

Out of all of the items that could be thrown into someone's yard, it is unclear why someone would choose to throw a couch — let alone multiple couches, apparently — into Corpse Husband's yard. For legal reasons, it seems as though fans will never know the full story. 


During the Q&A session, Corpse explained that his dispute with these people worsened, to the point where it may have become a legal matter. At that point, he decided to stop mentioning the issue to his viewers. Corpse said that he only brought it up before because he was afraid that "something bad might happen to [him]."

Corpse has since moved away from the area where the harassment was occurring, and the original clip of him discussing the couch issue has seemingly been lost or removed.

Weirdly enough, though, this wouldn't be the last time that Corpse Husband had an issue involving couches. In June 2020, he told fans on Twitter that he thought his phone had been stolen by someone he caught on camera, only to find out a year later that it had simply fallen down into a couch belonging to fellow YouTuber Mykie.