The Most Bizarre Thing Corpse Husband Ever Got From A Fan

YouTuber and streamer Corpse Husband loves his fans, and credits them with saving his life. While the reclusive streamer refuses to show his face, that hasn't stopped him from releasing a bombastic track with rapper Machine Gun Kelly and getting a billboard in Times Square.


Corpse has achieved a level of fame that has netted him an extensive fanbase, and with a huge fanbase comes fan mail. Fans have sent all sorts of things to Corpse's PO Box, but one sticks out from the others.

In a livestream a few years ago, Corpse fielded questions from his fans, including one about the weirdest thing he ever received in the mail from a fan. Or at least, a supposed fan. Corpse doesn't really know who sent him the odd art in the mail, and he doesn't know what the package meant, either. 

As fans press further into Corpse's personal life, including his interactions with fans, he has gradually been forced to reveal more secrets. This time, however, the mystery has no good answer.


Corpse discusses mysterious fan mail

Corpse told the story of a mysterious picture he received in the mail from a fan, which had no explanation or name attached to it. Corpse explained, "It was like, kind of f***ed up, and they didn't leave a name or anything. It was just a printed piece of paper with this face on it. There was nothing on the back, nothing written anywhere, nothing." Corpse went on to say that he wasn't mad about the mysterious picture, but "I just, I wanted to know the story behind it. No one claimed it or anything. It was very strange."


Even though Corpse never got an answer regarding who sent the picture of a face, it's not surprising that fans would send him strange fan mail. In an interview with Anthony Padilla, Corpse Husband confessed that some fans have gotten eerily close to guessing what he looks like, and have sent fan art that could be easily mistaken for his real face. 

Corpse has no plans to reveal his face right now, which only adds to his mystery. He's come close to blowing his cover a few times, but as of now, his secret is as safe as the identity of the weird fan who sent him a face of their own.