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Here's When You'll Actually Be Able To Buy A PS5

One of the hottest items on many wishlists is the PlayStation 5. The system made a very good impression with critics, and its historic release was fueled by intense excitement and anticipation from gamers everywhere. Unfortunately, much of the excitement over the PS5 turned to outrage and disappointment as the next-gen scalper problem got out of hand. Because stock was already limited to begin with, this left many gamers bereft of the console during the 2020 holiday season.

As soon as Sony revealed that the PS5 stock had quickly sold out, PlayStation fans knew it would be a long road ahead unless they wanted to go the dark and dangerous route of buying a unit on eBay. Many gamers were left behind, stuck in the previous generation, hopeful of a future where a PlayStation 5 could be easily obtained at a reasonable retail price. Is such a fate within your grasp? Could PS5 stock be plentiful sooner than you might think? Here's when you can expect to get your hands on Sony's latest console.

Don't expect PS5 availability to increase until mid- to late-2021

Kotaku writer Ari Notis sat down with NPD Group executive director and video game advisor Mat Piscatella over Zoom to discuss the current state of PS5 availability and how much longer consumers would have to wait to purchase one. Piscatella explained that the biggest obstacle holding Sony back was the strain on the semiconductor supply.

Piscatella told Notis that all successful new gaming systems experience varying degrees of scarcity around launch and that the chip shortage is only making the problem worse. And even though there isn't a dramatic difference between the number of units currently produced and past launch numbers, the production lines are not keeping up as they historically would have at this stage in a new system's lifespan.

Piscatella predicted that the shortage could last well into 2021 and that gamers may not see a healthier PS5 stock until around August or September. In the meantime, the NPD Group advisor suggested that consumers set their preferences aside between the optical-drive PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition if they hope to stumble upon a unit at retail cost before then.