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What Streamers Really Think About The New Among Us Map

Among Us is a multiplayer game that unexpectedly blew up on Twitch, and it continues to take the streaming platform by storm. While you might expect the title to eventually lose momentum, it seems to be holding strong after developer InnerSloth finally revealed a new map. This news was especially exciting, as players had been waiting a long time for Among Us updates.

Fans of the game have been eager to check out the Airship since it was first announced at The Game Awards 2020, and some lucky Switch owners even gained early access to the new Among Us map thanks to a glitch. After more than three months of waiting, the new map finally arrived for everyone to play. Gamers can now betray each other in a fresh setting, which is sure to get streamers revved up to hop aboard the Airship.

If you haven't caught any Among Us streams lately, you may be curious to hear some first impressions. This is what streamers really think about the new Among Us map.

Sykkuno's hands-on experience with the new Among Us map

Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, and Jacksepticeye, along with several others, are frequent streamers of Among Us who often play together. Naturally, the gang assembled to enjoy all that the Airship has to offer, and Sykkuno had a few thoughts.

Playing as an Imposter, he appeared a bit perplexed that he had to use a card to enter every door. He then said "This is the worst map I've ever seen," which prompted him to claim that "Whoever made this map doesn't play this game." Sykkuno continued to express how frustrated he was by this design choice, but quickly changed gears after experiencing the joys of climbing a ladder, leading to the revelation that his character had hands.

One small detail that stood out to him was the sound effect of the hovering platforms. He enjoyed it so much, he suggested that the author of said sound should receive a raise. In the end, despite claims to the contrary following his door debacle, he did enjoy the Airship, though he expressed how much he misses the mods.

The new Among Us map exceeded 5up's expectations

Following a fairly swift death, Twitch streamer 5up had a chance to take in the new Among Us map as a ghost and offer his viewers some thoughts.

For one, he was impressed by the sheer size of the Airship. He then commented on how smooth the game played, believing that the developers worked to further optimize Among Us with the update. While checking out one of the new objectives, 5up commented that "this towel task does not have good physics."

In the next match, he was able to explore a bit more as a living crewmate. During that run, he was incredibly amused by the bathroom-door-opening mechanic, later calling it "the best mechanic in the game."

As 5up concluded the stream with his peers, he shared his closing thoughts. Although he expected to be disappointed and found a few aspects he disliked, he was overall a fan of the new map.

Hafu wasn't impressed with the new Among Us map

Excited for the new map, Twitch streamer Hafu eagerly shared its arrival on Twitter. In her first Among Us game on the Airship, Hafu appeared to be amused by some of the new tasks. She was also impressed by one that required her to find the best cell phone reception. Like Sykkuno, Hafu was shocked to discover that the crewmates had hands.

While exploring, she seemed a bit intimidated by the map's immense size and found herself getting lost. That wasn't the only trouble she encountered. Apparently, she had difficulties of her own trying to open doors with the swipe of a card

At the end of the session, Hafu told viewers she was not particularly impressed with the Airship. She then said it was possible it would grow on her since she took it easy during her first night on the new map. She also explained that she may have enjoyed it more had it dropped at an earlier date.

Valkyrae faced hardships on the Among Us Airship

YouTuber and gaming queen Valkyrae was quite excited at the top of her first round on the Airship. After all, she expressed on Twitter that the new Among Us map made it feel like Christmas day.

Immediately, she was overwhelmed by the Airship's size and was a bit unsure how to tackle some tasks. When it came time for an emergency meeting, she confessed to her peers that she was struggling. Fortunately, Valkyrae was not alone. In another meeting, she and her friends discussed how distressingly big the map was.

As she played, she continued to be "incredibly overwhelmed," doing her best to make sense of new tasks. At one point, she was quite perplexed and frustrated by having to make a burger. She was also rather disturbed by the hand revelation that was so fascinating to Hafu and Sykkuno. Like the others, she also struggled to open doors.

At the end of the stream when her friends were ready to go, she begged them not to leave, suggesting that despite any hardships she faced, she had a good time with the new map.