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Does Corpse Husband Have A Girlfriend?

Fans of Corpse Husband have spent a good bit of time trying to figure out what makes the popular streamer tick. Although Corpse has never shown his face on camera, he has talked a bit about what goes on in his life when he's not streaming. Because of this, fans know about Corpse Husband's relationship with his family and previous disputes with bizarre couch-throwing neighbors. However, when it comes to romance, Corpse tends to leave his viewers in the dark. 


Of course, Corpse Husband has briefly touched on the subject of relationships in some of his songs, including in the lyrics of the super-popular "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life." However, the famously private streamer has never talked much about his own love life. This has led many of his fans to wonder if he has a girlfriend. Surprisingly, Corpse has discussed his romantic history on a few occasions.

Corpse Husband has indicated on more than one occasion that he prefers to stay away from the dating life. He has also hinted that he has pretty good reasons for doing so, as some of his previous relationships haven't exactly worked out for him.

Corpse Husband doesn't want to date

During a stream in which Corpse answered questions from his fans, he seemed to be amused when someone asked whether or not he'd ever had a girlfriend. After jokingly replying that he was a virgin, Corpse Husband laughed and explained that yes, he's dated in the past. He also said that he hoped they were doing well, with "one in particular" being important to him.


Also, while streaming Among Us, Corpse once flat-out told his audience that bad breakups had put him off of the dating scene. After a viewer in the chat apparently told Corpse that his streams had helped them to cope with a difficult breakup, Corpse replied, "Yeah, breakups f***ing suck, so I just don't date anybody ... Glad to help you through that; breakups are awful."

Judging from these comments, Corpse Husband doesn't appear to be dating anybody right now, and he may not want to in the foreseeable future.