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Every New Among Us Task Explained

Innersloth's massively popular social deduction game Among Us got a big new update at the end of March 2021, featuring some new content that the developers likely planned for the canceled sequel. Fans of the game received new cosmetics, modified gameplay mechanics (including custom start positions), and Among Us' biggest map yet, the Airship.


Players have only just begun to explore everything that the Airship offers, including new mobility options such as ladders and moving platforms. However, the real challenge for players adjusting to the new arena is figuring out how to complete all of the tasks the developer has added. Fans on Reddit have counted at least twenty new tasks for players to complete while trying to hunt out imposters on the Airship, although some of these have carried over from previous maps.

Tasks that players are familiar with are one thing, but the all-new tasks might confuse gamers just enough that the Imposters might get the upper hand. Here is every new task found on the Airship, explained.

Players will find new short tasks in the Armory and Showers

The brand new tasks added to Among Us on the Airship map can be divided into two basic categories: long tasks and short tasks. There are far more short tasks, which are usually single-stage events, so players would do well to start learning those.


In the Armory, players will find two easy and similar short tasks to complete, Put Away Rifles and Put Away Pistols. After receiving either job, all gamers need to head to the armory and find the appropriate firearms on a table in the center of the room. To complete the task, grab the weapon, head to the gun rack on the side of the room, and place the rifles or pistols back on the wall.

Two more short tasks are waiting to be completed in the showers, Pick Up Towels and Fix Showers. To complete the towel task, players need to find the eight highlighted towels scattered around the showers, pick them up, and then toss them one by one into the hamper near the entrance. Fixing the showers simply involves finding the leaky shower head and then hitting it with a hammer until the task is complete.


New Among Us short tasks found in the Vault, Cockpit, and Lounge

Among Us fans will also find two unique new short tasks in the Airship's Vault. There, players will need to either complete the Dress Mannequin task or the Polish Ruby task. Head to the vault to find either of these tasks, and either at the giant ruby in the center or the undressed mannequin in the lower right-hand corner. Polishing the ruby requires simply interacting with it until it shines, while selecting the mannequin will give the player a selection of clothing to pick from, and players must match the outfit to the model shown up top.


Players will find an additional new short task to complete in the Cockpit: Stabilize Steering. This easy task simply involves finding the steering mechanism in the center of the cockpit, moving it to the target position indicated with a green outline, and then pushing the lever on the left all the way up, then back down.

Another short task is located in the Lounge, where players will find the Clean Toilet task. This chore is completed by finding the toilet in the Lounge, then moving the plunger up and down. Easy enough, but Valkyrae was not amused when she had to do it.

Among Us' new short tasks in the Kitchen, Main Hall, and Records

Rounding out the Airship's new list of short tasks are three easy tasks located in Records, the Kitchen, and the Main Hall. The first of these is Sort Records, which is located, unsurprisingly, in Records. To sort the records and complete the task, players need to grab one of the folders off the table in Records, place it on a bookshelf, then grab a second folder and place it in a filing cabinet.


Players might also be asked to complete the Make Burger task in the Kitchen. If they receive this challenge, they need to make their way to the burger station, where they will be given a recipe to create a burger from five possible ingredients. However, players should be aware that the recipe will change if they leave the station and come back.

The last short challenge is one of the two new challenges found in the Main Hall. The Decontaminate task simply involves cleaning the player's avatar, so head to the decontamination sink, hop in, and wait for the progress bar to drop to zero percent.

New long tasks located in the Main Hall, Security Room, and in the Cargo Bay

One of the new long tasks players may encounter is Develop Photos, completed in the Main Hall. This multi-step task requires players to find a highlighted tub in the darkroom section of the Main Hall, drag three undeveloped photos in it, and then wait for one full minute while the images develop.


Players will find another long task in the Security Room, where they will have to Rewind Tapes. To complete this task, players will have to find the tape station and then use the rewind and fast-forward buttons to match the tapes' position with a note on the front.

The Cargo Bay contains a third long task: Unlock Safe. This task requires players to interact with the yellow safe they will find there and then manipulate the dial by following the instructions on a piece of paper taped to the safe. To complete this process, players must move the dial in the direction that the arrow is pointing until the red dot reaches the number specified. Players must then complete this process two more times before the mechanism on the right-hand side finally lights up.


The last new Among Us tasks are located in Ventilation and Electrical

Among Us players will find two more tasks with new mechanics in the Electrical and Ventilation areas. The new Electrical room task is called Reset Breakers, and it simply involves finding the seven breakers and pulling each one in numerical order. Players will know the correct order because each breaker will display a number listed after it is selected. Players just need to find the next numbered breaker to avoid resetting the sequence.


The final new task in Among Us is completed in the Ventilation Room and is called Start Fans. This task seems simple, but it is made more difficult by the distance that players need to travel to complete it. To finish this task, players need to find the access code (represented by a series of gems), which is revealed at the side terminal in the Cargo Bay. Then players need to run around the Ventilation shaft, back to the side of the Showers, and enter the code there. The task, as Valkyrae has demonstrated, becomes much easier if the player is a ghost.

Completing these tasks makes it possible to win the game without even spotting the Imposter, although making accusations is still a vital part of playing through Among Us' new map, the Airship.