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The Truth About Ludwig And QTCinderella's Relationship

Ludwig Ahgren saw a huge surge in popularity in the early months of 2021, thanks to his groundbreaking "Subathon." Ludwig pledged to continue streaming as long as people continued subscribing to him on Twitch, leading to multiple weeks in which the streamer's countdown clock continued to rise and he almost never left the camera's sight. The stunt would earn him over 200,000 subscribers and put him on the way to breaking a record set by Ninja.


With the increased interest in Ludwig's everyday life, fans may have begun to wonder about his romantic attachments. In particular, some people may be curious about his relationship with fellow streamer and content creator QTCinderella.

QTCinderella has made waves in the streaming community for her gaming videos and live chats with fans, as well as for her comments rallying against "toxic" streaming culture, which even led to a feud with Pokimane. But what is the deal with her and Ludwig? Are the two of them simply very good friends and frequent collaborators, or is there something decidedly more romantic going on?

Their first meeting was so fun, they've shared it twice

After collaborating with one another multiple times via livestream, QTCinderella and Ludwig finally decided to meet in person. The fateful meeting was documented in a vlog, which QTCinderella posted to her channel with the appropriate title of "Meeting Ludwig for the First Time." Although the video started in an awkward place, with Ludwig being accosted by a random stranger, things quickly took a turn for the adorable. 


The chemistry between Ludwig and QTCinderella was evident from the beginning, with the two of them jokingly standing back to back to compare their heights. The video continued with QTCinderella and Ludwig's group visiting an art museum, where QTCinderella dropped some knowledge on them regarding the history of the paintings. At one point in the video, Ludwig even gave QTCinderella props for her comedy skills, remarking that she was "super funny." It wasn't all great, though: at one point, the group got into a brief argument because Ludwig kept trying to touch the art.

The video was so successful (and such a hit with fans) that Ludwig later revisited it in an upload to his own channel. Ludwig rewatched the video of his first meeting with QTCinderella and cracked up over the amount that the two roasted each other during their first hangout sesh. Even when watching the moments where the pair were arguing, Ludwig seemed to be amused, if not a little embarrassed.


Yes, QTCinderella and Ludwig are dating

Over the years, the two content creators have collaborated many times and have shared some flirtatious chemistry on-screen, including in a video literally titled "Ludwig Goes on a Date with QTCinderella." Even so, it was unclear to fans for quite a while whether or not there was more to the friendship between the two. That all started to change in February 2020, when Ludwig tweeted at QTCinderella that he wanted to take her on an actual first date. Fans seemed to be overwhelmingly in favor of this development.


A few months after that, Ludwig surprised his fans yet again when he tweeted point blank, "I can confirm that me and @qtcinderella are dating." Since then, the two creators have continued to collaborate on and off camera, including a humorous video in which QT played a video game intended to help people pick up women. In that video, the pair offered some of their own hilarious viewpoints on the dating scene. At this point, QTCinderella and Ludwig are a streaming power couple to be reckoned with, and fans seem to be 100% here for it.

Ludwig and QTCinderella recorded a Christmas album together

Ludwig put his musical theatre background to the test in late 2020, when he put together a surprise Christmas album and released it for his fans — and he brought QTCinderella along for the sleigh ride.


The album, called A Very Mogul Christmas, was recorded in the wake of a surge of DMCA strikes and warnings. Twitch streamers have been running into issues left and right over copyrighted music, and so Ludwig decided to record his own Christmas album to play while streaming. When he revealed the album to his channel, Ludwig quipped, "Chat, I did not go out of my way to record six songs so I could play copyright-free Christmas music, called A Very Mogul Christmas, and release it on my YouTube channel ... Okay, I might have done it."

For Ludwig/QTCinderellas stans, however, one particular track on the album stands out. The couple collaborated on a duet of "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and even recorded a short video to mark the occasion. Not only did the couple make it through 2020 together, but they made some sweet, sweet music.


Ludwig and QTCinderella have bailed each other out of embarrassing moments

Ludwig and QTCinderella have often shown up for one another in embarrassing situations, and the fans have definitely taken notice. On March 24, 2021, QTCinderella was deep in a game of League of Legends when a rat suddenly burst into her room and freaked her out. While she stood on top of a chair, Ludwig ran into the room to try to figure out what to do. After QTCinderella made her escape from the rat, Ludwig informed her viewers that he would be ending her stream for her.


Roughly a week later, QTCinderella got to return the favor when Ludwig was having an issue with his refrigerator. The streamer couldn't get the ice bin to disconnect from the fridge, and he was beginning to cause a huge watery mess in the kitchen. QTCinderella suggested using a knife sharpener on the bottom of the bin, which eventually freed it. These two incidents helped to show fans that not only are these two a solid team in the streaming world, but in everyday life.

QTCinderalla's sweet gift almost ended Ludwig's subathon

While Ludwig's Subathon was a massive success, it almost came screeching to a premature halt, and all because QTCinderella had a fun surprise for him. On April 4, 2021, Ludwig's timer for his unending stream had run down to only 16 minutes on the clock. While Ludwig lay sleeping, it appeared as though QTCinderella took it upon herself to let Ludwig off the hook. She silently slid into Ludwig's room, walked over to his monitor — and the stream abruptly cut off.


When the stream turned back on, QTCinderella was sitting in Ludwig's bed with an embarrassed look on her face and a microphone in her hand. She explained to the audience that she had come to give Ludwig an Easter basket she had put together and hidden behind his computer. Unfortunately, her plan backfired a bit when she accidentally hit the wrong button and temporarily ended the stream. Luckily, the problem was quickly resolved; Ludwig's stream continued and he presumably got to enjoy some chocolate eggs right when he woke up. 

Who knows? Maybe that candy gave him the energy he needed to complete the Subathon and smash Ninja's subscriber record.