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Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends' Dragon LMG

Apex Legends has long provided a balanced alternative to some of the other big battle royale games such as Fortnite, PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, and Call of Duty: Warzone. As Season 8 comes to a close and Season 9 looms on the horizon, many players are starting to get curious about what new content might be added.


That inevitably leads to fans and data miners diving into any potential leaks or other hints to try and figure out what's coming next. While there's always a risk to speculating about these types of developments, Apex Legends fans have been right in the past, such as when leakers revealed the game's new map and character ahead of Season 7. Of course, Respawn Entertainment has also tricked fans before, such as when Apex Legends pulled a bait and switch with multiple character reveals.

Fans also want to know everything about the game's new weapons. Apex Legends fans think that the next gun headed to the arena might be a light machine gun with unique characteristics. Here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends' Dragon LMG.


Apex Legends' Dragon LMG may use light ammo

News of the possible Dragon LMG comes from the Twitter account Biast12, an Apex Legends data miner who often collaborates with Shrugtal to reveal upcoming in-game content. For much of Season 8, Biast12 has been teasing details about two weapons, the EPG, a type of grenade launcher, and the Compound Bow, a weapon perfect for marksmen.


However, on April 11, Biast12 tweeted that the Compound Bow and EPG were not the only weapons that Respawn Entertainment may have up its sleeve — and that a third, the Dragon LMG, was also in the works. Biast12 followed up that reveal with a tweet of an image that showed what appeared to be an unfinished rendering of the alleged Dragon LMG in-game, possibly pulled from a recent dev stream. Biast12's tweet also mentioned that the gun would use light ammo, making it the only LMG to utilize those types of rounds.

If that information is correct, the Dragon LMG will become the fourth light machine gun in the game, joining the Devotion, M600 Spitfire, and L-STAR EMG. Both the Devotion and the L-STAR EMG use energy ammo, while the M600 Spitfire uses heavy ammo.


Respawn Entertainment could add the Dragon LMG to Apex Legends in the coming seasons

Beyond Biast12's tweets, there isn't much for fans to go on when determining what to expect from the Dragon LMG. However, it does provide some validation to fan speculation occurring in the Apex Legends community. Shortly after the Season 8 dev stream went live on Jan. 30, a fan on Reddit posted a screengrab that showed the same weapon Biast12 labeled as the Dragon LMG. That image shows the unnamed gun sitting next to a cache of light ammo, and the most upvoted comment on the thread reads, "Light ammo LMG is my guess," showing that a good number of fans are on the same page.


Beyond that, fans can only speculate as to how the Dragon LMG will perform. Light ammo weapons in Apex Legends are known for consuming ammo faster than others, and an LMG would likely be the epitome of this trait. Synergy with Rampart is probable, since her passive ability increases magazine size for LMGs while decreasing reload times.

The other detail that fans might consider is when this weapon might enter the Apex Legends arena. Biast12 has spent more time detailing the Compound Bow and EPG, which may mean they will be ready to enter the game first — unless Respawn is planning yet another misdirect.