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Valkyrae Pulls No Punches Responding To Prom Proposal

For many high schoolers, spring means prom season, and nothing in the world could be cooler than snagging your dream prom date for a perfect evening of dancing and fun. For one high schooler, that dream won't become a reality, though. After a fan asked Valkyrae if she'd attend prom with him, the famous streamer had no choice but to politely reject him.


The fan asked in Valkyrae's chat, "Will you go to prom with me? I love you by the way." Valkyrae immediately responded with a quick, "No," then elaborated on why it simply wasn't possible for her to accept the invitation. 

"One, I don't like school dances. Two, I think it's very creepy to go out of state as a girl to a random school dance with a bunch of people I don't know," Valkyrae said. She repeated that she didn't like school dances, then continued to say that she's too old to go to prom anyway. She also said, "I'm kind of busy." 

Seemingly running out of reasons, Valkyrae added, "Seven, I...uh...it's just, yeah, you know, Coronavirus." Her final reason? The concise statement of "Time!" The response felt blunt, but well meaning, especially for a famous streamer.


To be fair, Valkyrae is extremely busy. She signed a deal to become a co-owner of streaming collective 100 Thieves, making history in the process. In between business deals and a strict streaming schedule, she also appeared in the music video for Machine Gun Kelly and Corpse Husband's hit track "Daywalker!"

Like many women streamers, Valkyrae has experienced a bit of trouble with her fan base, who sometimes demand more of her time and attention than other streamers. In the past, Valkyrae has received her share of toxic messages, but she was also victim to a stalker who forced her to go private on Twitter. Many women who stream are no strangers to these sorts of situations, unfortunately. Pokimane alone banned about 350,000 people from her account for indecent behavior and toxic messages. As more women begin to enter into the streaming world, fans must learn how to politely and respectfully interact with others.

Valkyrae never intended to be a streamer, but she's become a beloved fixture in the YouTube streaming community. As a businesswoman and streamer, Valkyrae has a lot of things going on in her life, and prom (unfortunately for the person who invited her) isn't one of them.