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The Likely Truth About This Elden Ring Rumor

"Elden Ring," FromSoftware's highly anticipated fantasy RPG, seems to have been on its way forever. Even though fans speculated that "Elden Ring" might be closer to release than initially thought, FromSoftware has not revealed any more details about when the game might be ready. A new "leaked" image from 4Chan has indicated that news about "Elden Ring" might finally be revealed this summer.


However, not everyone believed in the picture's authenticity. Over on YouTube, Windows Central Gaming's Miles Dompier posted a video explaining the rumor in detail, including support for his disbelief and offering predictions of when Bandai Namco might actually share gameplay footage from "Elden Ring." Dompier explained that "coincidentally," the image leak occurred the same day that Bandai Namco announced it would be at E3 2021. Since E3 dates are fairly easy to predict, Dompier thinks a fan faked the image. After all, it's not so difficult to fake a still image, particularly when it doesn't appear to feature any new in-game artwork.

However, just because the image might have been faked doesn't mean that a portion of the information it contained isn't true. Dompier said that he still expects some sort of "Elden Ring" gameplay reveal at E3, or at least sometime this summer. He based this educated guess on the fact that GameStop stores recently received promotional "Elden Ring" cardboard standees. Perhaps, he speculated, GameStop is getting ready for an influx of preorders after a new trailer or gameplay demo drops this summer.


Gamers responded to the supposed leak online with varying degrees of suspicion. One fan tweeted, "Probably Xbox has some kind of marketing rights, the game was revealed at an Xbox E3 conference after all. If the image is even real, that is." Many people were quick to note that without proof of the "leaked" image's validity, there's no way to know if the image is real or just a passable photoshop job. The good news is that "Elden Ring" fans are patient. After waiting so long for new information, a few more months can't hurt much. 

FromSoftware fans felt upset earlier this year after the company didn't reveal any new information about "Elden Ring" at Sony's State of Play. Later, they felt disappointed again as more gaming events happened with no news in sight. Since then, FromSoftware devotees have kept an eye out for small updates to the game's website to try and predict when new information or footage will be released.