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Valkyrae Has A Plan To Save Among Us

"Among Us" was a game that got very popular in a short amount of time largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that more people are coming out of quarantine, does it still have the same draw? If you've been growing tired of the hit multiplayer phenomenon, you're not alone: The game is beginning to lose its appeal among streamers as well. Disguised Toast recently announced he was stepping away from "Among Us" because of its waning popularity and lack of exciting gameplay. Even Valkyrae, a fairly dedicated "Among Us" fan and streamer, had been away from the game for so long that she claimed to have forgotten how to play. While "Among Us" may be in trouble, she has a plan to save it.


During a livestream with her friends on May 24, Valkyrae explained to viewers that the devs needed to implement more customizable elements, such as a map builder. She then cited the lack of updates from Innersloth as an issue that could be holding the game back. In fact, new content has been a problem for the small studio.

Why the long wait for Among Us updates?

The reason players have had to wait so long for "Among Us" updates is because the team never expected the game to be as popular as it was. Not only did they have to focus on hiring new people, but work on console ports, along with a slew of other issues, really slowed down the small operation.


To put it in perspective, "Among Us" first came out in 2018, and fans didn't even get to see the new map until 2020. When the Airship finally landed in 2021, streamers enjoyed it for the most part, but there's only so much mileage one can get from a single new stage.

Perhaps Innersloth could benefit from Valkyrae's idea. After all, if the team were to allow gamers to design their own stages, this would take a lot of the workload off the devs' shoulders. Valkyrae was already one of the first female co-owners within the esports industry, so it might be time for her to join team Innersloth and become the company's first employee who is also a major streamer.

Will Innersloth take her advice and include more customizable modes in future updates? Will "Among Us" continue to lose its steam? Only time will tell. Clearly, Valkyrae and her friends aren't completely tired of deceiving each other just yet, though it may not be much longer before the game is jettisoned out of the airlock.