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For A Limited Time, You Can Game Like Valkyrae

Love Valkyrae's iconic white Mavix M9 gaming chair? Then you'd better sit down for this good news: now you can score a new limited edition model based on it, but only if you act fast. And, it's going to cost you.


The streaming superstar has teamed up with Mavix to create the RAEVIX gaming chair. It's got everything you love about Valkyrae's signature chair: back, head, and neck support, M-Wheels, reclining, and more, plus her eye-catching dagger logo boldly placed in the center and the RAEVIX logo on the headrest. Choose between black or white with inverted stitching.

Time is limited, so fans will have to act fast and dish out some big bucks. From now until July 31, you can purchase the chair for $1059.99 and expect a late October shipping date. If you're feeling fancy, you can upgrade to add heating, cooling, and massage functionality for an additional $130. Or, throw in a RAEVIX Blender Bottle for $33.33. Pro tip: according to this official promo, you can save $55.55 with the code "Rae."


Valkyrae collaborated with Mavix to design the RAEVIX chair

Not only is the new RAEVIX chair themed around Valkyrae so fans can share in her gaming experience in an all new way, but she actually collaborated with the designers to make it so. As she shared in a statement (via TheGamer), "My partnership with Mavix has been great so far and I was stoked when they reached out to do a collab on a custom chair! This is my first ever custom chair and I hope my community loves it as much as I do. It was great to work with their design team to capture my aesthetic."


This isn't Valkyrae's only new venture. She recently cleared the air with fans, stating she might take a step back from steaming and social media to focus more on her business career. Notably, she became one of the first women to co-own an esports company in April when she announced her co-ownership of 100 Thieves. Since then, the company has only continued to grow.

Though the new RAEVIX chair may not give you Valkyrae's gaming skills or success, it'll surely give you superfan status. You'll be able to recline and imagine what it would be like living a day in her life, streaming with pop icons like Lil Nas X and raking in some major cash doing what you love.