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This Ninja Clone Is Pulling It Off Perfectly

Nick Wold is the frontman for American pop rock trio Dreamers and an active part of the TikTok community under the name @dreamersjoinus. He's made several videos about his love of the famous Twitch streamer Ninja, including one where he showed himself imitating the streamer's iconic hair and clothes. In another, he took things to the next level by allegedly getting a tattoo of Ninja on his neck. Now, it seems the situation has escalated even farther.

Although Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has become almost synonymous with "Fortnite" over the course of his career, he is much more than just a streamer at this point. Brand sponsorships, celebrity collaborations, and various big screen appearances have launched his Hollywood career beyond the confines of Twitch. Wold recently took advantage of his hero's celebrity status by impersonating him to gain free backstage entry into the Rolling Loud music festival.

Fake Ninja cons his way into Rolling Loud music festival

Wold shared a video on his TikTok channel chronicling his infiltration of the Rolling Loud festival. Ninja has changed up his look once or twice, but he is widely known for his vibrant blue hair, headbands, and taste in brightly colored clothing. Wold donned a similar outfit (along with a mask for good measure) and made his way to the event.

In the video, Wold stated, "at artist check in, I said that I lost my ID & my wife is inside." He then waited to get a ride inside the festival with Shaggy. He claimed to have simply hopped into the back of the musician's cart and that everyone assumed he was in the right place. He then followed Shaggy into the artist's lounge where he met and took photos with several other celebrities, including Michael B. Jordan and Juicy J. Then all that was left was to kick back and enjoy the free show.

This isn't the first time Wold has used Ninja's likeness for personal gain. He previously posted a video of himself using the same outfit to gain access to a celebrity basketball game. Ninja responded by tweeting, "crazy I don't remember going to this game" with a crying, laughing emoji. Ninja hasn't always enjoyed the limelight, but he doesn't seem to mind other people borrowing it.