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The Only Way Pokimane Thinks Dating A Fan Could Work

Streamer and internet personality Pokimane typically tries not to let the haters get her down. Even so, streaming requires emotional labor from those who choose to share their lives with the world, and Pokimane hasn't shied away from sharing the kinds toxic messages sent to her by people online. Having that kind of public-facing image doesn't make dating easy, but many fans continue to dream that one day they'll get to go out with Pokimane. In March 2021, Pokimane shared her relationship status online (single), but for the most part, she's kept quiet about her romantic life. Now, Pokimane has more to say on the subject, suggesting that she does see a future in which she could actually date a fan.

The conversation started during a Just Chatting stream where Pokimane scrolled through r/LivestreamFail, a subreddit dedicated to — what else — streamers messing up online. One comment during her viewing suggested that streamers should not date fans. Pokimane responded by laughing and saying that streamers won't follow that advice.

"Honestly, sometimes it works out, and a lot of the time it doesn't," she said. "I don't think it has as much to do with the not dating your fans as it does with the person." Pokimane's chat quickly pointed out that PewDiePie and his wife Marzia met after Marzia watched the streamer game online. Pokimane had more to say about relationships with fans, giving viewers a look into her personal views on dating and love.

It depends on the person, says Pokimane

Pokimane isn't ruling out dating a fan in the future. "I think it comes down to the two people," she said. "And the way that someone reaches out to you." 

Pokimane pointed out that there's a big difference between someone that approaches her with inappropriate intentions and someone who just happens to know who she is. She noted that streamers might reply to someone who seems nice and knows about their internet fame as opposed to someone who immediately sends inappropriate, sexually suggestive messages.

"It depends on the situation, but ultimately it depends on the people," Pokimane reiterated. She also said that many content creators probably aren't experienced in relationships, and might not be ready for mature, respectful partnerships. Ultimately, Pokimane said that every relationship should be examined individually, as everyone is different and has different motivations, wants, and needs. While she didn't exactly say she would ever date a fan, her words on other streamers' relationships seem to indicate that she wouldn't totally rule out the possibility.

It's likely that Pokimane doesn't have time for much dating these days, though. In addition to her robust streaming schedule, Pokimane has also recently dabbled in acting, which she talked to SVG about in an exclusive interview.