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Why NickMercs Wanted A Blind Eye Turned On This Hacker

Unfortunately, coming face to face with a hacker in an online game isn't rare these days. People looking to cheat online systems are almost impossible to escape from, even for big-name streamers like NickMercs. Nick has let his feelings be known on the issue several times, even unloading on "Call of Duty: Warzone" developers because hacking in the battle royale game had become so bad. However, when the tides turned and he was faced with a hacker on his own team, the streamer sang a very different tune.

In a game of "Apex Legends," NickMercs and his partner, 72HRS, were put on a team with someone who was hacking. After initially thinking the player was highly skilled, they quickly realized that he was actually cheating. The player hit shots on players that couldn't even be seen, and even flew through the air to land beside an enemy for an instant headshot.

It was pretty clear the player was using cheating software, so NickMercs quickly spoke to Hideouts, an Apex Security worker that can ban hackers. NickMercs told Hideouts to look the other way and go buy groceries like "bread" and "beans." In other words, when the cheater benefitted NickMercs he was willing to overlook the issue he'd been so vocal about in the past.

Even though NickMercs began playing "Apex Legends" as an attempt to escape cheaters in "Warzone," he still dislikes some aspects of his new favorite game.

According to NickMercs, he's done his time

While NickMercs revealed his true thoughts on "Apex Legends" to be pretty positive, that doesn't mean that the streamer never gets frustrated with the game. When NickMercs realized the player he was teamed up with was cheating, he had some interesting things to say:

"I'm on his team, and I don't care. I'm ready to reap the benefits ... I've put my #timein," the streamer said. NickMercs' "time in" comment might mean that he's had to go against his fair share of hackers, so now he thinks it's his turn to be carried. He did bring up that he would never queue with the player purposefully, though.

All eyes are already on NickMercs' next move, as he recently mentioned that the "biggest deal of [his] life" was in the works. Streamers like DrLupo and TimTheTatman have signed exclusive deals with YouTube Gaming, and there's a possibility that NickMercs might be making the jump as well.

At the beginning of the YouTube video that NickMercs published up about the hacker situation, he asked viewers what they would do in his situation, especially considering he'd been having a rough day when it came to his "Apex Legends" games.