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Dr Disrespect Challenge Destroyed Within Minutes

The "Call of Duty: Vanguard" beta is in full swing, and gamers have been getting a taste of what the next chapter of the powerhouse franchise has to offer in its return to a World War 2 setting. Streamers have also been taking the chance to see what the game has to offer, and Dr Disrespect issued a challenge to OpTic Scump, which the "Call of Duty" pro smashed within minutes.

While the annual release of a new "Call of Duty" title consistently garners interest from gamers, the conversation regarding "Call of Duty: Vanguard" has been of particular interest to streamers. The franchise has seen some of its most prominent players defect to rival titles due to its seemingly unshakable hacking problem. NickMercs' recently revealed his thoughts on going pro in "Apex Legends," and Dr Disrespect banished "Warzone" from his PC earlier this year, although it soon reappeared just as quickly. Even Scump has said his contract as a "Call of Duty" pro would depend on the quality of "Vanguard."

All of that attention amongst elite players reignited the competitive spirit the community is known for, as seen in the recent challenge for Scrump. Here are the terms Dr Disrespect set for the "Call of Duty" pro and how Scump overcame them almost immediately.

Dr Disrespect gave Scump five rounds to get a nuke, Scump only needed one

Dr Disrespect called out Scump on Twitter while the "Call of Duty" pro was in the middle of a match, writing, "Hey Scump, get a NUKE within the next 5 games on Vanguard, I'm sending you a rare, fully framed, signed Doc vest." The challenge quickly grabbed Scump's attention, who rapidly landed the kills needed to launch a V2 Rocket, the equivalent of a nuke killstreak in "Call of Duty: Vanguard."

As fans can see in Scump's confident reply on Twitter, the streamer did not need to play five more games of "Call of Duty: Vanguard" to meet that goal. Scump captioned his clip calmly with "Pleasure doing business," but his reaction in the attached video is a bit more extreme, as he shouts, "Let's go, Doc! C'mon, Doc! Are you kidding me, Doc?" On the other end, Dr Disrespect responded on Twitter with an uncharacteristic degree of respect, writing, "Never doubt the [crown emoji]. Challenge finished, first game. Congrats Scump. This baby is on its way!"

With the reputation of "Call of Duty" on the line as it seeks to regain the trust of gamers and streamers alike, good-natured challenges like this show that there is still a ton of interest in seeing the game played well. Considering the mixed reactions pro streamers had to the "Call of Duty: Vanguard" reveal event, instances like this might indicate the next game is closer to being embraced by professionals than it was previously.