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Streamers Confirm What We All Suspected About Corpse Husband's Real Life Behavior

When it comes to faceless internet celebrities, Corpse Husband is easily one of the most popular around. His signature deep voice is shown off in the variety of content he creates, including music, animated horror projects, and even just playing games with friends.


One of the things about Corpse that intrigues fans more than anything is his personality. He's been very open to fans about his greatest fear: having his face revealed without his consent. However, he tries to be supportive of others and his social media accounts are full of love for fans and friends. When he's playing games, he's hilarious, and sometimes he'll even use his distinctive voice to better portray horror characters. At times, he can even come off as lovably awkward.

Corpse Husband seems like a friendly (and maybe a little troubled) guy who cares deeply about his friends and gaming community. And as it turns out, several of his streaming friends have confirmed that his offline personality matches the persona viewers get to see, too. Here's what Corpse's friends have confirmed about him.



TinaKitten and Corpse Husband are pretty close friends, and they regularly play games together. In fact, they're so close that past interactions between the two had the rumor mill going with theories about a romantic relationship. While Corpse and Tina were quick to deny the idea, they're still close friends on- and off-camera.


When Tina and Corpse met up in real life, she mentioned that things were "normal," for lack of a better word, and that Corpse behaved how he typically does online: awkward and sweet. However, that was very different from when she witnessed Corpse and Sykkuno meet up.

According to TinaKitten, both Corpse and Sykkuno were extremely awkward and nervous, and that Corpse was even doing an "awkward laughter thing," which she said he doesn't normally do. The two were also quick to keep the conversation going so there wasn't any nervous silence. Tina even asked Corpse if he was nervous, and he admitted to it. So if you thought Corpse's shyness was only a result of streaming in front of thousands of people, then you can rest assured that he's just as shy in real life, too.



The relationship between Corpse Husband and Sykkuno has been a close one for quite some time now, and they've met up and spoken about it on several occasions. While Sykkuno was hesitant to talk about their meetups for of accidentally leaking information that could break Corpse's anonymity, he did let fans in on a few things.


He called Corpse "super nice" and a "really good friend." Corpse even bought Sykkuno a meal, which was a joke from a past stream where Sykkuno mentioned that he would buy Corpse dinner. Sykkuno told viewers that he would answer one question they had about the meetup, and people were unsurprisingly trying to get details about Corpse's physical appearance. In response, Sykkuno showed them "exactly" what Corpse looks like — by displaying a piece of paper with the words "a really good friend" written on it.

It's clear that Corpse puts just as much work into his friendships off the screen as he does on the screen and on social media, and he's gained some pretty great friends because of it.


Corpse Husband and Valkyrae pop up online together quite often, and their relationship has grown tremendously over time. Valkyrae even cameoed in Corpse's music video for "Daywalker!" back in March 2021 — as Corpse Husband himself. The two have become even closer  since then, and news of their first in-person meetup had fans going wild.


Valkyrae found success in the gaming world from a young age and has a number of friends within the industry. She has spoken about her close friends on stream before, defending and applauding their personalities. She's said that "every single one" of her friends are the "exact same" off-stream as they are on stream. In the same conversation, she also said that they're "very good people," and that they're all supportive of each other. 

Considering how close Corpse Husband and Valkyrae are, fans know she's grouping him in with their other friends — especially considering that these statements came after her meet-up with Corpse. Yet again, it's great for fans to learn that his real-life persona matches what they hear on stream.


Emma Langevin

Emma Langevin and Corpse Husband have had a close relationship since before Corpse's popularity really took off. Part of what put Corpse on the streaming map in 2020 was the success of his song "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!," which went viral on TikTok. Emma and Corpse were already friends when this song was released, and she's on the cover art for the single.


The two continue to stream together and hang out, and Corpse even tweets pictures of her on occasion. In one of Emma's streams, viewers asked if the two really physically fight each other when they hang out in real life, which is something that Corpse and Emma threaten each other with when they play games. Emma confirmed that the two really do fight for fun in real life, and fans have even commented that they have something of a "sibling rivalry." 

Apparently, Corpse is true to his word on and off-screen, which means that Ludwig might need to watch out.

Karl Jacobs

Karl Jacobs is another close friend of Corpse Husband, and the two have hung out in real life multiple times. Corpse has shared some of these meetups on TikTok, and Karl has talked about what the two do together in his own videos plenty of times.


In one such video, Karl told a story about Corpse and him getting milkshakes. The two struggled to find the perfect Oreo milkshake, only to find out that the eighth fast food restaurant they went to, a Wendy's, didn't have Oreo Frosties. In fact, the Wendy's only had enough Frosty mix for one small Vanilla Frosty, instead of the two larges Karl attempted to order. While Karl didn't tell what the duo did once they got the news, the story itself was pretty funny — and only made funnier when Karl called it "the worst day of [his] life."

The tale illustrates that Corpse is just a normal guy that likes getting sweet treats with his friends. It also shows that Corpse must really care about his friends, like Karl. Only a true friend would go to eight different restaurants just to find an Oreo milkshake.