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Streamers Confirm What We All Suspected About Ninja's Real Life Behavior

Through the years, plenty of streamers have risen — and fallen — through the popularity ranks. While Ninja may not be the epitome of streaming or the face of Twitch these days, he's still one of the most prominent gamers online. His stunning transformation from local "Halo" kid to Hollywood star is one that anyone can find impressive.


While his original gaming career started with "Halo," Ninja quickly became a bigger name as "Fortnite" shook the gaming community. While his failed Mixer deal from 2019 hurt his viewer count even years later, he ultimately wasn't too upset about it — Ninja's priorities changed, so he can't spend the time grinding on games for fans, and he's okay with that.

Online, Ninja is known for his pretty goofy and cocky attitude, and he's also made plenty of friends with other streamers. While some streamers are so put-off by Ninja that they want to fight him, others have shown that Ninja's true offline personality is just as likable as his online persona.


One of Ninja's long-time gaming buddies is TimTheTatman, a YouTube Gamer who's popular for his FPS gameplay. The two have a long history together, and Tim has gone far out of his way to make Ninja happy — something you would only do for a genuine friend.


In 2019, TimTheTatman tweeted that he was in Chicago for the weekend to surprise Ninja. He later uploaded a video capturing the moment when Ninja realized he was visiting, complete with a shot of Ninja covering his eyes in anticipation. Ninja was completely taken aback by Tim's voice right in his ear, and he quickly gave hugs to both Tim and his wife, Alexis.

No one would take a flight out to Chicago to surprise someone that they didn't genuinely like or get along with, and it's clear from the video evidence that Tim and Ninja enjoy spending time together. Plus, it's clear that Alexis and Ninja were close enough to hug each other, too. While some streamers have beef with Ninja, it's clear that TimTheTatman is in his friendship for the long haul.


Jessica Blevins

Not too many people can say that they've kept a level head since rising to fame, but Ninja's own wife, Jessica Blevins, can attest to his humbleness. Jessica is also a streamer and lifelong gamer, and she originally began streaming on Twitch as JGhosty, playing games and doing IRL streams.


While Ninja and Jessica met at a "Halo" tournament, the two didn't start dating until years later when Jessica took to Twitter to get in touch with Ninja. In an interview with CNBC, Jessica said that she wasn't even sure he would see it since he had 1,000 followers. However, Ninja did see it, and he replied with a quickness. From there, the two traded numbers, started dating, and the rest was history. 

The cute love story proves that Ninja's a bit more down to earth than one would think a superstar is. While he wasn't at the height of his popularity when Jessica reached out, he was still gaining traction in his career and had amassed a small following. Despite this, he still took the time to respond to her message and it led to the two getting married years later. Jessica told CNBC that "he was just, like, a kid that was good at 'Halo' and probably had a future in it. But, he wasn't anybody in the community yet." Since Jessica has been there with Ninja through the ups and downs of his career, it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about the streamer's offline personality. Considering her reaction to his quick reply — and her eventual marriage to him — Jessica clearly thinks he's a good guy.