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Streamers Confirm What We All Suspected About Pokimane

It seems people are always talking about Pokimane, which is no surprise since she has made quite the name for herself in her internet career. Over the years, the student-turned-streamer has amassed millions of followers on Twitch by streaming games like "League of Legends," "Fortnite," "Valorant," and more, as well as keeping her fans entertained with fun and friendly chats. She's even appeared on the big screen, taking a role in the Ryan Reynolds film "Free Guy."


While Pokimane continues to face harassment and misogyny online, she's proven to be confident in standing up for herself and others. In 2021, she participated in and promoted an Activision Blizzard boycott to further speak out against abuse in the gaming industry.

However, as candid as she seems to be during her streams, fans still wonder what she's really like as a person. While the pro gamer values her privacy and doesn't appreciate obsessive and nosy viewers, some public comments from her streamer friends will certainly satisfy fans' curiosities about Pokimane. As it turns out, some of Pokimane's colleagues are also big fans of her content and personality.

LilyPichu says Pokimane's a pro planner

In addition to being a successful artist, musician, and streamer in her own right, LilyPichu is fellow member of OfflineTV, which Pokimane has described as more of a "group or collective" than a traditional gaming org. Not only are the two friends, but they lived together for a time, so it's safe to say LilyPichu's thoughts on Poki will carry some weight.


As LilyPichu shared with WIRED, "[Pokimane is] very organized." While this might come to a surprise to viewers who have only seen Pokimane's spontaneous side, her real fans know she's a true strategist at heart, both in gaming and in the business world.

LilyPichu met Pokimane for the first time at TwitchCon 2016, and her first impression turned out to be quite insightful. She was surprised by the fact that Pokimane is younger than her, "because she just gave off a very professional aura." Pokimane impressed Lilypichu with her talent for planning. According to Lilypichu,"she knew what she was going to do all day, she knew what videos were going to be made." 

Though she first thought of Pokimane as "intimidating," their current friendship and professional connection seems to imply that LilyPichu has grown to embrace Pokimane's organizational prowess.


xQc praised Pokimane's quality content

Pokimane and fellow streamer xQc have a notoriously playful relationship. Between rounds of battling one another in "Valorant," Pokimane came across a video of xQc doing some humorous drag and jokingly called him "the hottest streamer on Twitch." This remark came shortly after a more serious comment from xQc about Pokimane's outer beauty. However, even though xQc may find her attractive, he doesn't reduce his friend to just her physical traits.


As he shared with his audience on Twitch, xQc knows "there's a lot of successful women out there ... they do a lot of good and they have good content." However, he pointed out how "legitimate misogynists" will try to label their content as "bad" for no apparent reason, seemingly crediting women's success in streaming to nothing other than their appearance. On that note, xQc went on to specifically point out Pokimane and the hate she gets, which he feels is unfair. As he summed it up, "all the people that watch [women streamers], and the millions of followers they have, disagree with your stupid-a** take."

xQc's words of support confirm the obvious: Pokimane is well-respected by fellow streamers for the work she puts into maintaining her growing operation, and her haters' words can't touch her success. For her own part, Pokimane has returned the kind words xQc's way on a few occasions.


Mizkif thinks Pokimane is heartfelt and hilarious

Pokimane's supporters know she's multifaceted and unafraid to show her different sides on camera. Twitch star Mizkif, another of Pokimane's buds, shared a few of his thoughts regarding the star's sentimental interactions with fans, as well as her silly side.


In a conversation with WIRED, Mizkif teasingly referred to his friend's sincere interactions with fans as "Dr. Poki stuff." He quipped that her touchy-feely interactions with fans in her chat "always leads to them asking to marry her." Though he shared this fact in a lighthearted way, it's clear Mizkif appreciates Pokimane's heartfelt connections with her fans as well as those close to her.

Whether they're playing "World of Warcraft" or just chatting it up on Twitch, Mizkif cannot get enough of the hilarious banter he shares with Pokimane. As he put it, "that's why I keep crawling back... every time she talks to me ... I want more of that." Getting the last laugh, he added, "you know, especially with her viewer count." 


Like xQc, Mizkif finds it unfortunate that some people think Pokimane is famous for "just her face," because he knows there's a lot more to her, including her the fact that "she's funny."

Jacksepticeye finds Pokimane to be genuinely supportive

While live with Pokimane, prolific streamer Jacksepticeye took the time to share his thoughts with the streamer regarding her online presence and that of Offline TV. In the pure words of the streamer himself: "I've met a lot of people over my years of doing this job, and even though everyone's vying for the same sort of thing, everyone in this friend group builds each other up constantly." As he spoke, Pokimane was grinning ear to ear and even started playfully fake-crying tears of joy.


That wasn't all Jacksepticeye had to say. He went on to emphasize that the kind of support he and Pokimane have in their friend group isn't common: "it's so hard to find that with other groups of people...everyone has their own things going on, and everyone's their own creator with their own little empire that they're building, but I like that everyone's helping each other build theirs as well."

Pokimane beamed with pride while she soaked in Jacksepticeye's kind words. After soaking in his praises, she summed it all up perfectly by saying, "a rising tide raises all ships."

Fans of Pokimane can rest assured that their suspicions were correct: based on kind words from a diverse group of streaming stars, she's a pretty great friend.