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Dr Disrespect Knows How To Fix Warzone's Biggest Debate

Dr Disrespect is known for being vocal about the things he doesn't like, especially when it comes to games that he can't stand. While he's had plenty of negative things to say about "Call of Duty: Warzone," he's continued to play the game off an on since its launch. In that time, the Two Time Champion has mentioned that he knows how to fix the game, offering a series of critiques and tips to the devs. At one point, that meant scrapping it entirely and starting from scratch, but now the Doc has a new idea for getting the game up to speed.


In a clip recorded by Dexerto, Dr Disrespect loses a gunfight to someone he's certain was using a controller, and this prompted him to talk about a new concept for improving "Warzone" and other battle royale games.

His idea? To divide lobbies by input controls. Essentially, he proposed that "Warzone" should separate mouse-and-keyboard players from controller players in order to make things more balanced and fair. He also pointed out that this wasn't some brand new idea, as the "Halo" series has done it.

The Doc expanded on the idea by wondering if it would be possible to have weapons and other gameplay aspects tuned specifically to whichever inputs players use. However, he did note that there were hurdles that would make it difficult to pull off this concept.


The problem with Dr Disrespects idea

Dr Disrespect explained that in order for a game to make such a separation worthwhile, it would need a truly massive playerbase. Making a change like this could also divide the community.

Doc comes to his latest big idea after months of complaining about controller players in "Warzone" lobbies for months. Specifically, Dr Disrespect has major qualms with the aim-assist afforded to controller players. Mouse-and-keyboard players don't have this, as their set-up allow for better precision. Still, there are pros and cons to both set-ups.


Late last year, Dr Disrespect had "Call of Duty" players furious with him after he called out pros who used controllers. Two months later, the Doc picked up his own Scuf controller and played for a while, resulting in a stream during which he began to understand the appeal of aim-assist.

For fans who think Dr Disrespect's idea may sound great in theory, maybe they'll get to see something similar in practice whenever Dr Disrespect's own battle royale game launches. While he admitted that there were pitfalls to separating controller and keyboard players, he never dismissed the idea entirely — and if his team can find a way around those problems, the feature might just make an appearance.