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This Elden Ring Character Has The Witcher Fans Going Wild

There are a lot of reasons to love "Elden Ring." FromSoftware's newest bone-crushingly difficult addition to its gaming lineup has been setting record sales and receiving critical praise for it's beautifully designed gothic fantasy setting, its compelling combat, and a menagerie of intricately designed creatures (which can all kill players in the most brutal ways imaginable). One thing that hasn't gotten that much attention since the game has been out is its smooth and versatile character creator. This is a shame, because it's one of the more impressive character creators on the market, allowing players to craft everything from Handsome Shrek to Ross Geller from "Friends" to Guts from "Berserk."

Perhaps this is because, like in most "Soulsborne" games, the first thing the player does after creating their character is slap a helmet over their carefully crafted visage, never to look at it again. Still, many fans enjoy the simple act of creating their character even if all they ever see is a glimpse of the eyes through the slit in a Samurai mask. One fan took the internet by storm when they decided to use the character creator to craft a fan favorite from another popular fantasy action RPG — Shani from "The Witcher 3."

Shani quests for the Elden Ring

Shani is a fan favorite in the "Witcher" community. She was originally featured as a medical student in the "Witcher" novels by Andrzej Sapkowski that the games were based on. Geralt later meets Shani in the first "Witcher" game as a fully accredited medic. She is also an important character and one of the more prominent romance options in "The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone" DLC. Reddit user doomraiderZ made a post showcasing their attempt to recreate the Oxenfurt Academy-trained medic.

The results were not perfect, as doomraiderZ was the first to admit. "It's not a 1:1 Shani" they wrote in a response to a comment on the post. "More like a what if Shani. But I need more hair options! Not enough short hairstyles for girls." Another user noted that the shorter hair made her look more the version of the character that was made for the first game. Still, it's impressive that the version of the Shani made in "Elden Ring" was so identifiable.

A third user by the name UrPokemon even responded by sharing their attempt at making Ciri in the game's character creator. While this might not be exactly what FromSoftware had in mind when it developed its character creator, it certainly doesn't hurt to let fans have a little fun bringing in their favorite characters in other IPs.