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'Obsessed' Logan Paul Reveals Massive Pokemon Collection

It's no secret that controversial YouTuber Logan Paul likes "Pokémon" cards, and some people have even partially attributed the trading card game's recent resurgence in popularity to the content creator's relationship with it. Paul's made recent headlines numerous times with his exploits surrounding his collection, like when he wore what he claimed was a 1 million dollar BGS 10 Charizard card around his neck into the ring before his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, or when he spent $3.5 million on a box of cards that he later learned were fake. But even after buying some of the most expensive fakes in gaming history, Paul still has picked up plenty of real "Pokémon" cards that would make any fan jealous. In fact, his collection has grown so extensive that it's beginning to become a problem for the YouTuber.

Paul posted a picture on Twitter revealing stacks of cards seemingly organized by elemental type and spread across an entire bed and the nightstand beside it, each of them graded and encased in a hard plastic shell. While this setup would seem to be a dream come true for most fans of the monster-catching franchise, Paul then went on to explain that he had unknowingly become "obsessed."

Paul shares his collection

Paul discussed the collection in an Instagram story posted on March 20, which has since expired. Fortunately, the whole clip was shared on YouTube channel Logan Paul Instagram Stories Smash. In the video, Paul states, "I'm going through my Pokémon collection right now and I didn't realize how obsessed I got with this hobby... and I bought a lot of them... and that whole suitcase is full of them too, so, to be honest, I have to move some of these. I got to sell some." 

A later Instagram story then went on to show that in addition to the massive stacks already seen by Paul's IG followers, there were several more that were previously out of frame and stacked on the floor.

The YouTuber likely wouldn't have much trouble selling the cards as many of his fans would probably be eager to buy something from his collection. It's unclear at this time whether Paul was joking about unloading some of his prized cards or if he seriously intends to sell, but it's obvious that he has plenty to spare. If he did choose to downsize, it's likely that many of his cards would be among the most expensive Pokémon cards ever sold.