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Tragic Details About PewDiePie's Wife, Marzia Kjellberg

Even if you've never watched anything from PewDiePie's channel, odds are good that you've heard his name before. As one of the biggest YouTube stars of all time, he's become something of a household name, especially to gaming fans. PewDiePie's wife, Marzia Kjellberg, has also made quite a name for herself in multiple industries, including content creation and fashion. The two tied the knot in 2019, posting a celebratory video on YouTube (of course) for all to see. Considering both of them have been massive YouTube stars with their own communities, the platform made perfect sense as the place for their fans to join in the festivities.


The couple didn't stop their cuteness there, as many a PewDiePie and Marzia moment has since stolen fans' hearts around the internet. However, behind the scenes and beyond all the sweet clips, everything hasn't always been happy-go-lucky for Marzia. She's had her share of tragic times in her life, and some of it comes specifically from the fact that she is such a well-known online persona.

Marzia quit YouTube for her mental health

In 2018, Marzia Kjellberg had a thriving YouTube career. According to The Verge, she built up over 7.4 million subscribers on the platform who consumed her makeup and fashion content. The news that she was quitting YouTube came quite unexpectedly, but Marzia would eventually share that her mental health had been hit hard by the YouTube life. In a now-deleted video (per What's Trending), Marzia explained her struggles, saying, "I had never struggled so much ... to carry out everyday tasks. I just didn't want to leave the house."


She also pointed out that she struggled with isolating herself from the rest of the world and not even trying to socialize with other people, instead looking to YouTube to fill that void. As noted by The Verge, Marzia felt although the internet can be a great resource in helping people to connect with each other, it can also take over a person's life in negative ways. After struggling with her anxiety for a bit silently, Marzia decided to hop off of YouTube altogether and take her life back into her own hands.

Marzia's home was invaded and her valuables stolen

In 2019, Marzia and PewDiePie's home was broken into, and Marzia lost a lot of valuable goods. She addressed the situation on her Instagram story, which was later reposted by @Keemstar on Twitter. She said, "Our house was broken into and they took 90% of my valuables, from my jewellery [sic], to luxury goods and special items I've been ... collecting over the years. It's all gone."


Despite Marzia's worry that she sounded materialistic for being upset over the robbery, people supported her in the aftermath. After all, many of her fans understood that some items in life are worth more than just monetary value, and having your stuff stolen can feel like a violation.

Unfortunately, PewDiePie had to address a similar problem years ago, as his address was leaked online and a number of "fans" came to visit. In a 2016 YouTube video, the massively popular creator had to tell people to not show up at his home. Hopefully this is the last time the couple will have to deal with such an intrusion.

Marzia is prone to accidents

Some people are clumsier than others, and some just attract more bad luck than others. Marzia seems to be one (or both) of those kinds of people, having gotten hurt on a few occasions.

In 2019, as Metro UK reported, Marzia and PewDiePie went to Japan for a second honeymoon. While on their honeymoon, Marzia shared a picture on her Instagram story that explained a knife had fallen out of the packaging and landed tip-first on her toe. While the experience didn't sound fun, she did point out in a later update that they were hopeful it would heal on its own and that a trip to the hospital would be unnecessary.  The toe in question was heavily bruised, but she was able to walk without too much issue. Still, the incident seemed to have put a damper on the festivities.


In 2020, Marzia again ran into trouble while at her home in the UK. This time, Marzia shared to Instagram that she deeply cut her finger while opening a metal can (via Metro UK). While both accidents sounded painful and frustrating to deal with — and messing up a trip with a loved one is never fun — at least they didn't result in more serious injuries.

Marzia faces a lot of criticism

If you've been around the gaming side of the internet for any amount of time, then you've probably seen plenty of hate come from various groups. The internet is full of it, and Marzia in particular has received more hate than most as many people claim that she only saw success because of PewDiePie. Between blogs and hate threads that seek to demean her accomplishments, it sometimes seems like there's a nearly endless amount of Marzia backlash online.


However, Marzia's put in a lot of hard work on her own, and her creations speak for themselves. While she exploded in popularity as a makeup and fashion YouTuber – a genre on the platform that has quite a different audience than PewDiePie – she's gone on to do even more, writing a novel and even creating her own fashion line.

Her designs aren't anything to scoff at, either. A few years ago, Tubefilter spoke to two different fashion experts: Michael Fink (Dean of the School of Fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design) and celebrity stylist Allison Calhoun. Fink praised Marzia's designs, explaining that they were trendy while also keeping a "timeless" look. Even Calhoun, who admitted that she wasn't exactly thrilled with certain parts of the collection, explained that she understood the overall appeal and thought they were creatively designed. Still, it can be hard to shut out the negativity.


Marzia's struggled with her appearance

Being in front of a camera all the time would be exhausting for anyone. Even after Marzia's YouTube retirement, she continued to be in the spotlight as an influencer. In 2020, she shared on Instagram that she struggled with all of it, partially because she thought her face was too asymmetrical.


She explained that when she first started making videos, she discovered what she thought were her best angles. In her words, the effort was ultimately "exhausting, silly and simply put, superficial." At a certain point, Marzia became so insecure about the right side of her facethat she completely stopped taking pictures or recording videos that showed off those angles of her face.

However, she pointed out that the initial COVID-19 quarantine period caused her to do some self-reflection, ultimately leading her to want to accept herself how she is. Sharing a picture of just the right side of her face, Marzia finally stepped out of her comfort zone in front of her 8 million followers.

Marzia isolated herself while her family went through tough times

When Marzia was 13, her family was forced to move an hour and a half away from where she grew up and faced some rough times, as reported by BeforeTheyWereFamous. And while 13 is a difficult age for anyone, the move and Marzia's family situation wasn't helpful for navigating the usual hardships of that time of life, and she explained that she dealt with it all by isolating herself. "It was for two years that my family had to go through some really tough situations, so I started staying alone most of the time," Marzia explained. "I wouldn't see anyone and I would be constantly in a bad mood. School was just boring, and I would push everyone away from me."


While Marzia didn't give any super-specific details about her family's hardships, she did explain that eventually things got better. After leaving behind so many people in her old hometown, Marzia found a way to open up and found friends after the move.