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How To Keep Playing PlayStation Plus Extra And Premium Games Offline

As announced earlier this year, Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription service is receiving a massive overhaul, and it's finally being rolled out in select regions. This new and improved PlayStation Plus brings many welcome additions to the service, like the inclusion of PlayStation Now and the addition of over 700 on-demand games such as "Demon's Souls" and "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales." The upgraded service is undoubtedly an attempt by Sony to compete with Microsoft's incredibly popular Xbox Game Pass. And like the Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus has multiple new subscription tiers at varying price points.

However, fans have already expressed some gripes about the new PlayStation Plus. For example, many were disappointed that PS3 emulation won't be possible with the service at launch. While others were upset that, without warning, Sony closed a loophole that allowed users to buy a PS Plus subscription at a discount. Additionally, a lack of information about the intricacies of the service has led to many gamers being confused about basic features, like if games downloaded via PlayStation Plus are playable offline. And now that the new PlayStation Plus is out, gamers are finding out that playing PS Plus games offline isn't as simple as many believed. Luckily, PlayStation has finally released some helpful information regarding how to play the service's downloadable games without an internet connection.

Keep logging in

In a May 23 PlayStation blog post, Sony reassured gamers that they would indeed be able to play their downloaded PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium games offline, but this does come with some conditions. Specifically, users will need to log in and connect to the PlayStation Network at least once every seven days to confirm that their subscription is still active. Of course, this is a smart way to prevent players from subscribing, downloading all the games available, and then unsubscribing. Xbox Game Pass also does something similar, but Xbox gamers only need to log in once every 30 days. Sony's decision to force gamers to sign in once a week will likely frustrate gamers who go long periods without internet access.

However, the blog post mentions that users won't need to do the same for the monthly free PlayStation Plus Essential games. Aside from those in select Asian countries, gamers eager to get ahold of everything the new PS Plus offers will have to wait patiently until the service arrives in their country. The all-new PlayStation Plus is launching in North and South America on June 13 and in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe on June 23.