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Overwatch 2 Early Access Release Date, Trailer, And Characters - What We Know So Far

Released in 2016, "Overwatch" became an instant hit and practically invented the modern hero shooter sub-genre. With an emphasis put on 6-v-6 PvP multiplayer, "Overwatch" players could choose from a selection of quirky and endearing characters who each possess their own unique abilities. The concept was a massive success, earning impressive scores on Metacritic and cultivating a hardcore player base and even its own Esports league. Because of this highly lauded legacy, the sequel to "Overwatch" will undoubtedly be put under a microscope. Expectations are high, to say the least.


"Overwatch 2" was announced at Blizzcon in 2019 to much fanfare. Being the sequel to one of the most influential titles of the previous generation of gaming, it's only natural that fans of the IP salivate at the idea of an updated installment of the series on newer, more sophisticated hardware. However, in the lead-up to the title's release, "Overwatch 2" has been the subject of a lot of worry from fans due to its similarity to the first game and as the departure of some key personnel over at Blizzard Entertainment.

Reservations notwithstanding, "Overwatch 2" is due for an early access release in the near future, which is an exciting prospect. And here's everything we currently know about it.

When is the early access release date for Overwatch 2?

With tons of hype comes the age-old question: When will players be able to get their hands on the final product? In this case, the term "final product" is merely the operable term, as "Overwatch 2" will be released to the public on October 4, 2022 — but in early access form. And while players will be able to immediately dive into the game's highly anticipated multiplayer action, it won't be a complete release of the game. Instead, many of the newer elements of this sequel will be saved for further down the road.


A mission-based PvE component is still in development and it is currently unclear when players will be able to enjoy those sections of the game. With that in mind, hopefully the PvP sections of the game have received an overhaul in recent months, because they didn't do too much for players during beta testing. A week after the beta was released to the public, Twitch viewership of streamers playing it fell off the map hard and had a 99% decrease in viewership within a week. Players will find out how much has been changed in early October.

Is there a trailer for Overwatch 2 early access?

Even during the game's beta phase, Blizzard Entertainment was not ready to announce a solidified release date for "Overwatch 2." The game was delayed back in November 2021 and wasn't given a set-in-stone release date as a result, leading many fans of the IP to fear that the game would not be released within the 2022 calendar year. Blizzard, however, put these concerns to rest with a release date announcement trailer that aired during the Xbox Showcase & PC Games Show on June 12, 2022.


The trailer shows off the most iconic "Overwatch" characters — both new and old — all engaging in the classic high-octane, frenetically paced gameplay the series has become known for in the past half-decade. Despite its rough development cycle up to this point — and concerns from fans regarding the game's graphical fidelity — a lot of the feedback from fans on YouTube has been positive. And over on Reddit, many fans were celebrating Junker Queen's inclusion in the trailer. 

Speaking of Junker Queen...

Who are the characters in Overwatch 2 early access?

No "Overwatch" title would be complete with its incredible cast of characters. And like its predecessor, "Overwatch 2" is set to have quite the selection of eclectic heroes. The first "Overwatch" featured a whopping 27 characters to choose from, including series favorites such as Tracer, Winston, and D.Va. Many of these characters will be returning in "Overwatch 2," but they'll also be joined by some highly-anticipated newcomers. Atop this list of a new additions is by far Junker Queen, a Mad Max-type character who has long been teased to players (as noted by Polygon). Another new addition is Sojourn, a mid-range specialist who also built up some online buzz and speculation since she was announced way back in 2019.


Although not mentioned in the trailer, fans also know McCree — who is seen in the preview a few times — has gone through a major change in recent months, which will carry over to "Overwatch 2." The character has been renamed Cole Cassidy, due to public outcry regarding his original namesake, former Activision Blizzard employee Jesse McCree.

"Overwatch 2" is poised to feature plenty of old favorites, but it looks like the new characters will be just as exciting and memorable.