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The Elden Ring Vyke Quest That Was Left On The Cutting Room Floor

Even after months in players' hands, fans are still discovering shocking new revelations in "Elden Ring." From unannounced nerfs to overwhelming bosses to bizarre hidden walls, it seems like "Elden Ring" has a wealth of secrets tucked below the surface, just waiting to be discovered. Perhaps some of the biggest revelations have come from dataminers, who have been hard at work tearing the game apart so they can understand how every bit of it works. It's the work from those fans that showed the world the game's original "Pokedex" mechanic and a lost colosseum in the game's code. 

In fact, a wealth of cut content has been discovered buried in the title. Not just simple boss swaps to help differentiate the title from "Dark Souls" — entire character quests too. In fact, there's a cut quest in "Elden Ring" for the exact NPC that appears on the game's cover: Vyke. Despite being the poster child for the key art in "Elden Ring," little is actually known about Roundtable Knight Vyke. But now, a dataminer has discovered that there was a quest tied to the enigmatic character that might have offered players a better understanding about the man in the half-melted armor.

Vyke's cut quest gave him more to do

Dataminer Sekiro Dubi posted a video to YouTube detailing their findings: An early Vyke quest centered around Stormveil had seemingly been cut from the final game. Sekiro Dubi was able to get some additional dialogue working for the creepy NPC Gostoc, revealing a short conversation in which Gostoc warns players of a knight in melted armor seen around Stormveil. This knight is none other than Vyke, who, under normal circumstances, only appears a handful of times throughout "Elden Ring" as an adversary. While Sekiro Dubi was able to follow the quest thread for a little longer, audio and dialogue couldn't be recovered for any further content.

Sekiro Dubi was able to discover that Vyke would have been summonable as an ally for a Stormveil boss. Sekiro Dubi wasn't able to learn which boss — or the events surrounding Vyke's cooperation — but the dataminer did wonder whether he'd be helping against the existing fight against Godrick or in an additional fight that was also deleted. Without any official word from the title's creators, players will be left guessing at what Vyke's quest line could've led up to ... at least until "Elden Ring" maybe sees some DLC.