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The World's Largest Xbox Series X Has Arrived

The Xbox Series X is an impressive piece of hardware. Boasting the most powerful specs on the current market, the latest Xbox model from Microsoft has helped redefine console gaming through both its performance level as well as consumer-friendly services such as GamePass.

Another huge component to the Xbox Series X that sets it apart from other consoles is its unique design. In a huge departure from past iterations — and the PlayStation 5's identifiable neo-futuristic shape — the Xbox Series X has a much more simplistic boxy shape that resembles a small PC tower, seemingly a reflection of both Microsoft's lineage and the console's next-gen capabilities. 

The design has also been comically compared to a mini fridge, which Xbox itself has acknowledged. Overall, the console is quite large — but one YouTuber decided to take it a step further and make the biggest Xbox Series X console anyone has ever seen. That might be enough of a wacky concept to interest fans, but this massive system is even more exciting when you find out that it was built for a good cause!

The world's biggest Xbox Series X

On June 20, 2022, YouTuber Michael Pick published a video on his YouTube channel in which he announced that he's managed to create the world's largest Xbox Series X console. According to Pick, he received inspiration to make the console after seeing a video in which Microsoft showed off a giant Xbox Series X console of their own. To Pick's dismay, however, it wasn't a functioning console and instead was just a giant refrigerator shaped like an Xbox Series X. That was a cute video, but Pick felt he could do better. And so, Pick then set out to make a giant Series X console that not only towered in size, but was fully functional as well.

Pick began by constructing the console's frame using plywood. After that, he took on the difficult task of recreating the Xbox Series X's signature curved vent at the top, a process that took him two weeks. Pick also constructed an accurate representation of the back of the console, complete with sizable ports for HDMI and Ethernet cables, as well as ports for storage devices. In order to make the console functional, Pick created a special compartment in the back of the design that houses an actual Xbox Series X. To prevent users from having to press the buttons on the actual console in the compartment, Pick overlayed its buttons with servomotors that allow the gigantic buttons on the exterior shell to activate the console within.

The final product stands at 6.82 feet in height and 3.41 feet in diameter and weighs over 250 pounds. Unsurprisingly, this set a Guinness World Record for the world's largest Xbox Series X. But Pick wasn't done.

ZHC offers his contribution

After completing the console, Pick then transported the record-breaking Xbox Series X console to Texas, where YouTube artist and content creator Zach Hsieh — more popularly know as ZHC — added custom artwork to the console along with his team. The art occupies either side of the console, minus the front and back panels, and are both original pieces. One panel is called "Milk & Honey" and features references to both ZHC motifs and the YouTube platform. The opposite panel is a painting of a robot with an assortment of parts, all of which is reference individual members of ZHC's team who participated in the project. 

According to ZHC, the project took about 50 hours to complete. After ZHC's contributions to the project, the world's biggest Xbox Series X was then transported to Atlanta, Georgia, where it was donated to the local YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center. In the video, a small group of children are shown to be fascinated by the giant console and immediately line up to play "Minecraft." 

This Xbox Series X project stands as Pick's second project of creating supersized versions of popular gaming hardware for the purpose of community outreach. Pick's previous project involved the construction of a giant Nintendo Switch, which was also fully functional. The YouTuber ultimately donated the large Switch console to the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University.

The gargantuan Series X also wasn't ZHC's first swing at making a console that towered over players. Last year, he oversaw the construction and decoration of a ten-foot-tall PS5 console that cost him $70,000 in materials. That project, which took roughly 100 hours to complete, resulted in the world's largest fully functional PS5. ZHC likewise followed this project with a number of giveaways, seemingly proving that humanitarianism will always follow ridiculously huge console.