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Fall Guys: How To Fix Voice Chat Not Working

The multiplayer free-for-all party game "Fall Guys" was a massive success when it hit storefronts back in 2020 for PlayStation and PC. It smashed all types of records, like becoming the most-downloaded PS Plus game at the time. While interest tapered off a bit in the wake of its launch, "Fall Guys" reclaimed its crown thanks to some big changes in June 2022. It went free for everyone on the Epic Games Store, finally got Xbox and Switch ports, and released a new (albeit controversial) Battle Pass.

But what's a party game without some banter between friends? The relaunch as a free-to-play title brought a much-requested voice chat feature. Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to access this option in "Fall Guys." Whether you're playing on console or PC, here's how to fix voice chat on every platform.

Check your audio settings in Fall Guys

The first step to fixing voice chat in "Fall Guys" is to enable Party Voice Chat. Currently, there is no global voice chat, so chatting with the players already in a group at the start of the game is the only option. Therefore, players need to head to the settings menu to enable Party Chat, denoted by the cog wheel at the top righthand side of the main menu screen. Next, players must select Audio and scroll down to the Party Voice Chat header under Volume. Then they can switch Party Voice Chat from Off to On. After changing the setting, players will need to confirm that voice chat has been enabled on the displayed popup menu.

If voice chat is still not working, "Fall Guys" players may have the wrong Talk Mode selected. To fix this, head over to the same settings screen highlighted above and change the Talk Mode setting to Open Mic instead of Push to Talk. If players keep the setting on Push to Talk, they will need to press down the button listed while speaking to transmit their voice. Additionally, they must ensure their Voice Chat Volume is adjusted adequately to hear incoming speech.

For PC users, there is another setting that may be causing voice chat issues. In the same settings menu listed above, players should adjust the Input Device under Party Voice Chat to the correct microphone. If players still have issues with voice chat, the final option is to re-install the game, and, if all else fails, contact customer support for further assistance.