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Alinity Baffled By xQc's Comments On 'Hostile' Situation

As much as streaming can seem a dream job with the potential to become insanely rich, various celebrities in the profession have long debunked the notion. Some streamers have even been forced to attend "streamer therapy" to reckon with suspensions or bans. In other cases, streamers have found themselves grappling with misunderstandings or outright scandals riding the line between real and perceived. Alinity, one such streamer who has encountered some controversies in her Twitch career, apologized following backlash from a restaurant situation in which she referred to a cashier on-stream as "racist." This week, the Colombian streamer re-entered the spotlight alongside fellow Twitch star — and ex-boyfriend — xQc, weighing in on negative comments he made regarding the Austin, Texas streaming community.


Felix Lengyel, or xQc in the streaming world, described the community near his former home as "extremely hostile, overly competitive" and full of "mega-ego" (per Twitch). "The amount of s*** know that a lot of them know ... it's so stacked," xQc said. "If you want to talk about it, it'd be like a never-ending conversation." The Canada-based streamer also replied to another streamer who detailed his experiences in the Austin, Texas streaming community. Alinity responded to xQc's comments, claiming that she knew nothing about his problems with the city.

Responding to xQc's gripes

"Other than a few disagreements (caused by my own stupidity), everyone in Austin has been chill," Alinity said on Twitter, capping her message with "Legit confused." Others noted their similar confusion at the situation surrounding xQc's comments.


At one point, the conversation turned to Twitch-exclusive partner and roleplaying fan @imaSpaceboy who detailed feeling "very unhappy" as part of the Austin community. The streamer has since relocated to Los Angeles. "I don't have beef or bad blood w anyone and everyone Kala listed was so good to me – but I had an unshakeable 'I don't belong here' headspace that I know for a fact wasn't all in my head," @imaSpaceboy said.

"I'm sorry you felt that way," @Alinity replied, noting she encountered the Los Angeles streamer at parties back then. She affirmed it's alright to leave the wrong crowd behind, but that one person's experience doesn't mean the entire community is toxic.

xQc has not elaborated further on his comments or Alinity's reaction as. This callout of the Austin, Texas streaming community is not the first time xQc has given a hot take or shady response. Some streamers seemed to agree with him, so perhaps there's more to the story than viewers know.