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The Real Reason #RedDeadFuneral Is Trending On Twitter

Don't let it be said that "Red Dead Online" players aren't passionate about the game. If you've been on Twitter today, you may have noticed that #RedDeadFuneral is trending. The hashtag is being used to promote a player-organized event in the game intended to mark what many see as the beginning of the end for "Red Dead Online." While it's still up and running for now, recent announcements by Rockstar have many thinking that it doesn't have much of a future.


These developments go back to February, when the developer finally confirmed that "Grand Theft Auto 6" was in development. This was welcome news to fans of the hit series, but it has since led to a shakeup within Rockstar and a change in priorities.

Earlier this month, Rockstar announced that it was shifting resources to focus on the new "Grand Theft Auto" title. This meant that "Red Dead Online" would no longer be getting any major content updates, which made fans were furious. "Red Dead Online" had already been getting less new content relative to "GTA online," creating something of a war between fans of the two titles and even leading to protests from "Red Dead" players. With the news that "Red Dead Online" would be getting even less attention, fans concluded that the game wasn't long for this world and organized to once again protest and mourn. And so, plans for a "funeral" for the game were made.


Fans Think it's the End for Red Dead Online

July 13 marks the day fans have decided to pay their respects to the game they love, and Twitter is full of calls for everyone to join in to bid farewell to "Red Dead Online." One of the most liked tweets using the trending hashtag is from a player urging fans to get dressed up in the game and head to Valentine or Blackwater Graveyard to share a few in-game beers and mark the occasion. It seems lots of people are following this lead, posting pictures of their characters at one of those locations, as well as at churches and saloons.


Some are adopting a more somber attitude, simply accepting what appears to be the fate of their beloved game. Others are taking shots at Rockstar for what they see as wasted potential. Still others seem to hope that this demonstration and outpouring of support will pressure Rockstar to rethink its decision and keep the game alive. As evidence of this, many funeral posts also feature the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline.

So far, Rockstar hasn't responded to these events. With "GTA 6" in development and leaks coming out left and right, its attention will likely continue to be focused elsewhere.