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Emiru Updates Fans On Her Stalker's Whereabouts

Many of Emiru's fans love her detailed cosplays and personality, but there was a time when one of them took it too far. SVG interviewed her on the way up when she was still working with Cloud9, before her move to her current organization, OTK. Her channel blew up in 2021, boosting her from "familiar face" to "trendsetter" status. Unfortunately, the positive attention came with some drawbacks. 


She eventually attracted the attention of a stalker, whose behavior eventually pushed Emiru to take a break from streaming. This particular experience still haunts her, enough that she's scared of streaming in real life. However, as per a recent stream, she doesn't have as much to worry about anymore. Emiru revealed that her former stalker had been institutionalized, so he shouldn't be bothering her again anytime soon.

"He is in a long term mental hospital," she told her viewers. "So, he's not like in jail or anything. He's not going to be there forever, but it was just a big weight off my chest hearing that. He's going to be there for a really long time."

Here's what she else she said when updating her fans about her stalker's whereabouts.


She's glad he's getting help

Emiru spoke about her stalker visiting her family as recently as three weeks ago. Her brother told her about someone who'd come to the door, asking him and their parents questions about her. Thankfully, she wasn't present for the stalker to pester.


Emiru hasn't opened up about how severe the stalking actually was, but it was enough for her to move away from her old home in Kansas. When she broke her silence on her hiatus in May 2022, she said, "There was some s*** going on that was like really bad, like law enforcement involved bad." However, she doesn't wish the stalker any ill will.

"Most people like that are just going through some s***, not that it makes it okay, but I just hope that he gets the help he needs," she told her viewers. If the mental hospital helped him out, then maybe he could healthily forget about her and move on, she hoped.

Popular streamers like Valkyrae and Amouranth have also dealt with stalkers in the past. Amouranth took it in stride, even telling her viewers not to report one of the stalkers' channels because she needed it for police evidence. Still, it's a lot to emotionally endure and not something everyone can calmly handle. Emiru's glad to be free of the burden. 


"I feel more like my old self again," she said.