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Dead By Daylight: Project W - What We Know So Far About The Resident Evil Collaboration

"Dead by Daylight" is no stranger to crossovers. The asymmetric horror title pits four survivors against a single killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse. The killer attempts to find and sacrifice the survivors to an eldritch being known as the Entity before they can repair the five generators that open the exit gates. Players get to choose which killer or survivor they control and the rosters are long, featuring 27 killers (such as The Dredge and Pinhead) and 29 survivors (like Ashley Williams and David King). While many of these are original characters created by Behavior Interactive, fans of the genre will recognize some from other famous horror franchises.


"Resident Evil" is a prime candidate for this kind of crossover content. Not only is it one of the most recognizable names in the video game industry, it also boasts some of the most iconic heroes and villains. "Dead by Daylight" already features Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy as survivors and the unstoppable bioweapon Nemesis as one of its killers, but now it appears that more "Resident Evil" personas will join the mix (although it still doesn't look like Lady Dimitrescu is coming to the game). In August 2022, Behavior Interactive announced a new "Dead by Daylight" expansion called "Resident Evil: Project W." Here's what we know about it so far.

Project W trailer reveals new Resident Evil characters

The official "Dead by Daylight" YouTube channel shared a trailer for the "Project W" update. It opens on a panning shot of an abandoned parking lot outside the Raccoon City Police Department. Viewers see S.T.A.R.S. search and rescue operative Rebecca Chambers helping an injured Meg Thomas into the station. Once inside, the infamous spy Ada Wong rushes in and uses a steel pipe to barricade the door behind her, though it doesn't hold for long. The door is quickly bashed down by none other than Albert Wesker, the primary antagonist for most of the "Resident Evil" franchise. Wesker uses retractable tentacles that grow from his arm to bash through the obstacles in his path before removing his sunglasses and revealing his glowing orange eyes. "You will not live to see the dawn," he declares to the survivors.


Ada Wong may have some interesting lore added to "Dead by Daylight" involving her relationship with Leon Kennedy. Wesker seems to be the star of this show, however. Even the name "Project W" refers to a eugenics program run by an Umbrella scientist attempting to create a race of superior humans that Wesker was a test subject in.

The trailer does not give an official release date for "Project W," but it does state that the chapter will be available on all platforms in the near future.