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MultiVersus: How To Get Toast

While it's easy to compare "MultiVersus" to "Super Smash Bros." because they're both multiplayer platform brawlers that draw characters from a bunch of different IPs, the game has a lot of unique mechanics and features that help set it apart. The ability to train perks and plan for smart perk stacking adds a level of versatility to each individual character, which can extend to a team's combined ability set. In other words, "MultiVersus" goes to great lengths to ensure people don't need to play the same character the same way. However, perhaps the biggest way that "MultiVersus" stands out is through its 2v2 multiplayer mechanics. The game puts a major emphasis on teamwork and encourages players to learn the synergies between different characters' ability sets. It's clear that Player First Games wants the focus of the game to be on teammates learning to cooperate and work together.

There is an item in the game that encapsulates this spirit perfectly: Toast. This humble piece of lightly-heated bread is one of the forms of currency in "MultiVersus." It doesn't do anything for the player who initially receives it, but it does grant a small amount of bonus gold to other players when it's presented as a gift at the end of a match. This seems to be intended to inspire a spirit of camaraderie among players. Here's how to get it.

Three methods of collecting Toast

Before players can start Toasting their comrades and rival players, they first need to get their hands on some of that delicious toasted wheat. There are three different methods of obtaining Toast in "Multiversus." The first is to simply buy it from the in-game store. Toast can be purchased in packs of 10 for 350 gold (via PCGamesN). This is a bit pricey, but it is the easiest way to get it. 

The second method is to level up the "MultiVersus" Battle Pass. Buying the Battle Pass costs 950 Gleamium, which works out to just under $10 and unlocks 50 tiers of rewards — several of which are 10 pieces of Toast (per FanSided). The third and final way that players can unlock Toast is through character progression. Each character unlocks five pieces of Toast when they hit their third level. That means up to 95 pieces of Toast can be unlocked for free after leveling up every character in the current roster. Many fans believe that there are a ton more characters on the way too, so there may be more free Toast yet to come.

Since the "MultiVersus" is still in open beta, it's also possible that there will be new methods of obtaining Toast revealed for the official Season 1 launch, although it's recently announced delay has left fans unsure as to when that will be.