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MultiVersus Fans Up In Arms Over Iron Giant Nerfs

The "MultiVersus" Beta began in July, with fighting game fans eager to get in on the cartoon beat 'em up action. Since then, it's received a great response, even replacing "Smash Bros." in a big way by getting featured at the 2022 EVO competition. As the beta has rolled on, both gamers and developer Player First Games have gotten a feel for the experience and its challenges.

Players have explored the various characters, figuring out which they like and the optimal strategies for using them. Meanwhile, the development team has already made major improvements, fixing what was widely considered the cheapest "MultiVersus" move, and tweaking the most annoying features. However, developers can't always please fans as they polish and rebalance games. Some decisions are bound to illicit a backlash from those who liked things the way they were. Now, Player First Games is experiencing that firsthand as fans are up in arms over recent changes to Iron Giant.

With the Season 1 launch of "MultiVersus" on August 15, the developer rolled out a new patch just ahead of the premier. It includes a host of bug fixes and tweaks to gameplay – including a variety of buffs and nerfs for established fighters. While these targeted power alterations are intended to make the game more fair so that all combatants are competitive, players are feeling the burn from the Iron Giant nerfs.

Fans unhappy after multiple Iron Giant attack nerfs

Among the adjustments to Iron Giant in "MultiVersus" are nerfs to his Air/Ground Down and Neutral Specials as well as his Air Up, Ground Up, and Ground Down Attacks. That's a lot for one fighter with no buffs in return. This reduction in the Iron Giant's power has caught the attention of fans and drawn a great deal of ire.

Certain players on Reddit who main Iron Giant don't seem to be taking the news well. Those against the changes argue that Iron Giant was already a challenge to play and didn't need this sort of treatment. Others have emerged who remain committed to the character even if they don't agree with all of the modifications. While there is still debate about the decision, with select individuals taking the position that the nerf was needed, many players speaking on the issue seem to feel that it was a step too far.

Regardless of the response, "MultiVersus" rolls on, and there will likely be many more changes to come. While some fans may lobby for a buff to restore Iron Giant, it's the nature of these types of games to have ups and downs with characters.