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One Of Elden Ring's Weirdest Silent Characters Actually Has A Voice

One of the most exciting parts about the massive world of "Elden Ring" is its plethora of mysteries. From enigmatic characters to hidden walls and bridges, there's plenty to discover in FromSoftware's latest and greatest. Of course, some of the best secrets are found when players dig into the game's code. Data miners have discovered where bosses go to hide, they've revealed the lost colosseum of "Elden Ring," and now they've learned that the mysterious NPC known as Goldmask may not be as silent as previously thought. 

Since the truth of Goldmask's voice was found through data mining, players can't expect this devout feller to start chatting within their own games — especially because the cut dialogue was located within the Network Test version of the title and provided by reputable data miner Sekiro Dubi. As pointed out by Sekiro Dubi's video, the normally hushed and rigid Goldmask seems to lose hold of his resolute calmness when the player is prompted to inform him that Radagon is actually Marika. It's a bit tricky to make out what Goldmask says in response, but Sekiro Dubi believes it's something along the lines of, "It...why not?" Of course, the comment section on Sekiro Dubi's video is filled with deliberation on what's actually being uttered, with some believing Goldmask is expressing shock with a startled, "What?"

The origin of Goldmask's mysterious voice

In addition to the revelation that Goldmask actually speaks, however briefly, his voice actor is listed in the "Elden Ring" credits as none other than Ryan Morris. Most of his work with FromSoftware is typically as a voice director, but he fills the role of a character here and there. His other credits include Horace the Hushed in "Dark Souls 3" and Maiden Knight in "Dark Souls."

The reason for removing Goldmask's audio remains unknown, but it's hardly the first time FromSoftware has cut content. In fact, the character Vyke had a quest that was left on the cutting room floor. With the developer, though, cut content has a way of resurfacing. Not only do fans do their own digging, but "Elden Ring" continues to receive patches and updates that tinker around with the title. A change made to an "Elden Ring" cutscene sparked player debate about the possible ramifications it had on the game's extended lore. Perhaps the same could be said for Goldmask's now non-existent audio.