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Will MultiVersus Ever Add Any Anime Characters?

The first season of "MultiVersus" is well under way. With an all-new battle pass, a host of character changes, and the promise of an even more massive character roster in the future, the free-to-play platform fighter is off to a strong start. Sure, some fans are up in arms over Iron Giant nerfs and Warner Brothers seems to be set on making "MultiVersus" mods become no more, but developer Player First Games stating that second party characters are possible makes the potential for future additions to the cast even more exciting. 

Appearing on the Level 857 podcast, "MultiVersus" game director Tony Huynh talked not only about the current state of the game but plans for the future. When asked about the possibility of an anime fighter appearing in the game, Huynh didn't shut the idea down. In fact, his answer made it sound as if the team at Player First Games has been entertaining the idea themselves.

Anime on the way?

Naturally, developers keep character reveals for a fighting game like "MultiVersus" as secret as possible. While Huynh didn't announce any specific characters, his excitement for the possibility of an anime inclusion to the "MultiVersus" roster is plain to see. "There are no promises or anything, but we're going to work hard to make it happen. I think the big things are a lot has to go right. The IP people have to trust you and make sure that you're going to be able to do a good job. The other part of it is proving that it's a fruitful relationship, when they lend you your characters, that they're getting something in return." 

Creating a brand new character with the attention to detail that "MultiVersus" has shown its existing cast is likely a daunting task. It likely gets even more stressful when different companies that want their character to be represented in a specific way come into the mix as well. In spite of all that, Huynh and his team seem determined to make it happen. 

While there isn't any confirmation that an anime protagonist like Goku or Naruto will be appearing anytime soon, Huynh's enthusiasm for the game's growth is a good sign. Coupled with the fact that "MultiVersus" has now hit more than 20 million players, it could only be a matter of time before other IP holders see the appeal of throwing their characters into the "MultiVersus" mayhem.