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This Viral Spider-Man/Muppets Mod Has Fans Cracking Up

Players have taken to the PC release of "Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered" like children to a toy store. Mods have been the big thing keeping fans excited about "Spider-Man Remastered" on PC, and with the game now officially in players' hands, it's been quite a treat to see the unique and wacky ideas fans are finally making into reality. Some have even taken the opportunity to introduce new faces to the game, from other "Spider-Man" characters to individuals from across time and space.

Some of the most popular mods for the PC version of "Spider-Man Remastered" replace Peter Parker's various Spider-Man outfits with new versions that transform the hero into different characters. For example, Morbius joined "Spider-Man Remastered" as an option for those wishing to swing through New York City as a vampire, and a slightly more horrifying mod put the unexpected character of Aunt May in the spotlight.

Now, players are cracking up over a new mod that gives Spider-Man, Morbius, and Aunt May a break from saving the day so that Kermit the Frog can show the thugs of New York that it's not easy fighting someone green.

Kermit swings into action

Created and shown on Twitter by user TangoTeds, Kermit the Frog looks right at home on "Spider-Man Remastered" loading screens. But, of course, that's only half of the hilarity. TangoTeds has more screenshots and videos of the Muppety creation on Twitter, showing everyone's favorite frog striking more poses, appearing in some cutscenes, and even duking it out with many foes

Seeing Kermit leap through the air has been a joy for fans. Twitter user Ian Flynn commented on TangoTeds' post, saying, "I see only perfection. Which is extra impressive, since it's not easy being green." Additional comments on TangoTeds' posts are filled with attempts at naming the unlikely hero. A few fan suggestions are Spider-Kermit, Spider-Frog, Kermit-Man, and Friendly Neighborhood Frog-Man. The positive reaction to the froggy hero led many users to ask TangoTeds to release the mod publicly. Fortunately, the modder has already done so, and players can begin their very own journey as web-slinging Kermit via Nexus Mods.

TangoTeds has been creating several suit mods for the game, but not all of them are Muppet crossovers. Instead, their works include homages to the various Spider-Men we've seen in Hollywood, including Andrew Garfield's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" suit and Tobey Maguire's suit from the Sam Raimi trilogy of "Spider-Man" films. Whether a suit Spider-Man has actually donned or something as bizarre as a giant green frog, PC players have no shortage of ways to customize their favorite Web-Head.