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Morbius Finally Joins Spider-Man Remastered In This Mod

The rise of superhero games has given a lot of fans the opportunities to play-out classic stories as some of their favorite super-powered characters, but it seems that most of the games that get published are based around only the most popular of heroes. Those who prefer more obscure characters have often been left without the opportunity to see their crime-fighting idols in action. Enter the PC edition of "Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered." This was arguably one of the best Spider-Man games of all time and one of the big things that PC fans have been most excited about is the addition of several new spider-suits. The PC version of the game comes with three additional suits: the Iron Spider Suit, the Spider-Punk Suit, and the Velocity Suit. All of these make for excellent additions, but the modding community has opened the doors to some even more outrageous skins for the masked web crawler.


One mod lets you play as the character's creator, Stan Lee, another puts an unexpected character in the spotlight by letting you play as Aunt May, and there's even a particularly twisted mod that allows Uncle Ben to have his revenge. Now, there's a new mod that allows players to swap out Spidey for a somewhat darker hero: Morbius.

Morbius swoops into action

For those who aren't familiar, Morbius is a character from the Marvel universe who is, for all intents and purposes, a vampire. Dr. Michael Morbius suffered from a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself using a solution containing the DNA of a vampire bat, only to awaken as a blood-sucking monstrocity. This character has crossed paths with Spider-Man in the past, but has never been quite as prominent of a character as other Marvel heroes. Now, a 2022 "Morbius" film featuring Jared Leto has put him back in the public eye.


The mod, which allows players to swing through the streets of New York fighting crime as Morbius, was created by modder HiBlakkes and is available on Nexus Mods. The version of Morbius in the mod is styled after his classic comic-book appearance: black suit with large, red lapels and a batlike face with red eyes. The skin takes the place of the Advanced Suit which is granted to the player by Dr. Octavius during the mission Something Old, Something New. Simply equipping the suit will change Peter Parker into Morbius once the mod is installed. Unfortunately, the Advanced Suit is largely seen as the most iconic suit in the game, so many gamers may be torn about giving it up.